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first_imgClick here to read about what’s been happening Australia-wide in Touch:* TFA staff Jon and Rachel will be in Melbourne Tuesday and Wednesday this week, learning the intricacies of the new Touch Football Australia website. From the previews we’ve seen so far, the upgrade looks promising, with the website set to be even more comprehensive and easier to navigate. Make sure you keep checking the website regularly for when it appears!* The Womens Open NTL final has taken a commanding lead in the poll for which NTL Opens final should be broadcast in full on Fox TV following the NTL event. With more than 50% of the votes, it looks as though the Touch world wants to see the Women’s match take centre stage. Make sure you visit the poll and place your vote, this is a great opportunity for Touch and we want to make sure everyone gets their say.* The TFA Annual General Meeting is being held this Saturday February 11, in the National office boardroom. Make sure you check out the website next week for all of the news on what’s happened and the changes regarding the TFA Board of Directors. * Attention all NTL referees: A majority of the gear orders and levy payments have been finalised (with the exception being those who have ordered jackets, these are still being made by the supplier). We want to remind all referees that there will be NO gear available for purchase at the NTL. Merchandise for the event has been outsourced to one of our major suppliers, who will be running the merchandise at the event. They do not sell referees gear and TFA will not have a staff member at the event to sell referees gear either.All gear you need must be ordered before the NTL begins…therefore if you regularly lose your socks, or need a spare hat, waterbottle or shirt, make sure you get your order in ASAP to [email protected] or call Rachel on (02) 6285 2703* As mentioned above, merchandise for the NTL event has been outsourced to a company called Hyperactive Merchandising. They are a major supplier of Touch Football Australia merchandise and because of this, a large majority of what they will be selling will be of a similar style to what has been sold in the past.Michael and his team from Hyperactive will be there for the entirety of the Opens/20’s and Seniors events and will have plenty of gear for everyone. The opportunity to have an outside company take over the merchandise sales allows more TFA staff to be free to work the fields and event itself. * NZ Touch and the Sports Disputes Tribunal in New Zealand have released a media release regarding the anti doping violations committed by a player involving Cannabis. The media release serves as a timely reminder for players heading to the NTL that drug testing can take place at all national level events and that we will continue to fight to keep Touch a `clean’ sport. Click here to read the media release: MEDIA RELEASE* The February edition of Touch-e-Talk, the online newsletter, will be released this week. There’s heaps of info and stories on the Aussie 18’s Development Camp and the upcoming NTL, as well as the latest `Spot the Differences’ game and much more.* NSW Touch have a vacancy for a Development Officer focusing on the Northern NSW region. If you are interested please click here for all of the details: NSW TOUCH DEVELOPMENT OFFICER VACANCY* Touch SA have released their latest newsletter. Click here to read what’s happening in the state of SA: SA TOUCH SHORTS NEWSLETTER* Grand finals are getting close in Victoria, see below for the dates of grand finals across the state:Borderline Touch (Yarrawonga): February 6thElwood Park: 12 Feb (Sun), 22 March (Wed)Fawkner Park: 14, 15 & 16 FebMoorabbin TA: 14, 16 FebRoyal Park Touch: 15 FebAlbert Park Touch: 27, 28 Feb, 1, 2 MarchBallarat TA: 7 MarchShepparton TA: 8 MarchWestside TA: 8 MarchWaverley/Twilight: 24 MarchTraralgon RLFC TA: 24 MarchGeelong TA: tbc* Macquarie University Touch are looking for accredited coaches for their Mens, Womens and Mixed Open Touch teams. Successful applicants will be paid an hourly wage and required to attend the Eastern and Australian University Games. For more information please contact Leanne Dalton on 9850 9480 or email [email protected] * Marrickville Indoor Touch will be holding a one-weekend event on Saturday/Sunday 4-5 March. It will be at the Debbie & Abbey Borgia Comunity Recreation Centre (Marrickville PCYC) 531 Illawarra Rd. Marrickville NSW 2204. There will be Junior divisions, Mens and Mixed. Please contact Shane Merry (02) 9559 7722 for more info.* Remember, if you have any news for the Sixty Seconds in Touch column, contact Rachel Grant on [email protected]last_img

first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) will be conducting the 2012 Trends of the Game Workshop Series for affiliated members in Port Macquarie on Thursday, 20 September in conjunction with the 2012 X-Blades National Youth Championships.There will be a coach workshop and a referee workshop conducted by Australia’s leading coaches and referee coaches. To register and confirm your attendance please email TFA Technical Manager, Tara Steel – [email protected] by Tuesday, 18 September. For more information, please click on the attached document. Related Files2012_trends_of_the_game_release-pdfRelated LinksTrends Of The Gamelast_img

first_imgOxford Police Department's tweet trolls Ole Miss.oxford police department ole miss arkansasoxford police department ole miss arkansasArkansas quarterback Brandon Allen is having his way against Ole Miss’ defense Saturday night, as he’s currently 26-of-33 for 339 yards and four touchdowns. The Rebels’ defense has looked so bad, that the police department in town is poking a bit of fun at them.The Oxford Police Department, clearly joking, suggested that fans need to stop calling 911 with requests to kick Arkansas’ quarterback out of the stadium.Asking us to kick the Arkansas QB out of the stadium is not a legit reason to dial 911. #ARKvsMISS— Oxford Police Dept (@OxfordPolice) November 7, 2015The Razorbacks and Rebels are currently tied 38-38 with 10 minutes to play.last_img

first_imgAPTN National News WINNIPEG–Family and friends of Colten Pratt launched a search Saturday for the missing 26 year-old First Nations man.Pratt was last seen at a downtown hotel on Nov. 6.Pratt apparently used his cell phone to send a photo of himself to his mother on the night he disappeared. Family members say that phone was found downtown. Now the family is trying to identify the woman who also appears in that photo as she may have clues to Pratt’s whereabouts.Colten Pratt with unknown woman.Angela Bercier is Pratt’s cousin. She says she posted the photo on Facebook and despite it being shared nearly 1,000 times, no one knows for sure who the woman is.The family says Pratt was in a bar at the Marlborough Hotel in downtown Winnipeg on the night he disappeared and may have gone to another hotel with the woman in the photo.Family and friends gathered at a downtown office Saturday to search the city and distribute flyers and photos of Pratt.Pratt has been reported missing to Winnipeg Police, who issued a press release earlier in the week. They’re asking anyone with information to contact [email protected]@APTNNewslast_img read more

On the occasion of this past week’s Major League All-Star Game, when baseball’s absurd abundance of young talent was on full display (Hello, Mike Trout!), the question was worth asking: Where did these two All-Star teams stand historically, in terms of the most gifted groups assembled since the first All-Star Game was held in 1933?The answer might (or might not) surprise you.To get a handle on the talent available to each league in each All-Star Game, I used the run-based components1Specifically, a player’s runs above average in terms of offense, fielding and pitching. of Baseball-Reference’s wins above replacement (WAR) to build a projection system that, in terms of complexity, falls somewhere between Marcel the Monkey (as simple as can be) and PECOTA (highly intricate). Most crucially, the projections use multiple years of data, adjust for aging effects and regress a player’s expected performance to the mean; the projections can also be used to estimate a player’s true talent in a given season by taking his projection for the following season and subtracting the age progression.This formed the basis for yearly talent ratings for every player to appear in an All-Star Game, which I then compiled into team ratings in proportion to how much playing time each player logged during the game itself.2Each team was scaled to an idealized “game length” of 9 innings and 36 plate appearances. Finally, using these run-based talent ratings and each season’s average runs per contest — plus a little help from the pythagorean expectation (which converts run differentials into wins) — I generated expected winning percentages for each All-Star roster, which represent the rate of wins that the team would post if it were to face a typical slate of opponents from the season in question.Unsurprisingly, All-Star squads would demolish the competition if turned loose on regular teams in the context of league play. The average All-Star team since 1933 possessed the talent to go about 103-59 if they played a normal 162-game schedule, with the top teams expected to win a 2001 Seattle Mariners-esque 117 games per season. (And that’s their mean expectation — remember that when the Mariners won 116, they were probably more like a true 90-win team that also benefitted from a tremendous amount of luck.)But what if we instead had all the historical All-Star teams play each other? Using the aforementioned pythagorean talent ratings and Bill James’ log5 formula to construct probabilities for each matchup, we can simulate how each All-Star squad would fare if forced to play 162 games against a random assortment of other All-Star teams from the past. Here are the standings (check out the raw data on GitHub):The best All-Star team ever? According to this method, that mantle belongs to the roster that represented the National League in 1966 — and it’s not hard to see why. Sandy Koufax started the game on the mound, to be relieved by Juan Marichal, Jim Bunning and Gaylord Perry — Hall of Famers, all. The starting outfield was outrageous: Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente. Ron Santo and Willie McCovey manned the infield corners. Along with second baseman Jim Lefebvre, near-Hall of Fame catcher Joe Torre3Torre was inducted as a manager, not a player. was the weak link of the starting lineup. (And fearsome mashers Dick Allen, Jim Ray Hart and Willie Stargell came off the bench!) Our simulations say the 1966 NL All-Stars would go 97-65 against a random collection of their fellow All-Star squads from throughout history.This year’s teams, while not on the same level as their Hall of Famer-laden predecessor from 1966, would both be above .500 if forced to take on other All-Star squads — and could do even better than that if we tweak our study’s methodology.Despite losing on Tuesday, the National Leaguers are considered the more talented of 2015’s All-Star teams according to WAR. Led by Paul Goldschmidt, Andrew McCutchen, Bryce Harper and starting pitcher Zack Greinke, this year’s NL team ranks 15th all-time, and project to go 87-75 in 162 games against other All-Star squads. Meanwhile, the AL team lags a bit behind the NL, ranking 71st with a 82-80 record. Although Trout possesses the best individual talent rating (by far) of any 2015 player, the rest of the AL roster isn’t especially impressive by historical standards.Then again, both of 2015’s All-Star teams fare much better if we attempt to adjust for the rising tide of athletic talent (in baseball as well as other sports) over time. In “Baseball Between the Numbers”, FiveThirtyEight editor-in-chief Nate Silver attempted to quantify this phenomenon as it pertains to baseball and arrived at a “timeline adjustment” that gently slopes upward from the sport’s major league beginnings in 1871 to the present. Nate’s timeline adjustment implies that the average MLB player from 1966 was about 86 percent as good as the average player today, which means that year’s NL All-Stars — talented as they were — benefitted from facing weak competition.In fact, if we apply the timeline adjustment to every All-Star team’s talent rating,4In the form of a reduction to the schedule strength each squad faced within their individual season. the 2015 National Leaguers emerge as No. 1 all-time, with the AL ranking 14th. The aforementioned 1966 NL powerhouse drops to third, with the 1986 AL squad sliding into second place. (That team was powered by great pitching — specifically Roger Clemens and Teddy Higuera at his peak — and a lineup that included Hall of Famers Cal Ripken Jr., Rickey Henderson, Wade Boggs, Kirby Puckett and Dave Winfield.)Do I actually think the 2015 National League represents the most talented All-Star roster ever? Probably not. They rank highly — but are nowhere near No. 1 — relative to their era, and the question of how to deal with cross-era comparisons while accounting for absolute changes to talent quality over time is far from settled. But we can still appreciate Tuesday’s exhibition as one of the most talent-laden All-Star contests ever: Even without the timeline adjustment, the combined talent ratings of the two teams ranks 10th among the 86 All-Star Games ever staged. read more

The Oakland Raiders’ wanderlust is never ending. On Monday, the team gained league approval to move to Las Vegas. It comes at a strange time for the Raiders, since they’ve just recently gotten pretty good! They won 12 games last season, making the playoffs and seeming to be well-positioned to stay strong with Derek Carr under center.But Raiders fans — old-timers in Oakland and new ones awaiting the team in Las Vegas — shouldn’t expect the team to tank all of a sudden. Eight NFL teams have moved since the AFL-NFL merger (not counting the current Raiders or Chargers, who are slated to move to Los Angeles this year), and as you can see in the chart below, immediate results have been mixed: The Raiders reportedly don’t plan to move until 2019, so they still have two “lame duck” seasons to play in Oakland. Playing with one foot out the door hasn’t gone well for other franchises:In 1996, the Houston Oilers announced that they were moving to Tennessee but would play their remaining two years in Houston. The first lame-duck season was something of a farcical attendance disaster, as they played to mostly empty stadiums and hostile crowds at home. They went 2-6 in Houston while going 6-2 on the road. After the season, they reached a deal to leave town a year early.In 1995, the Cleveland Browns started out 4-5 under head coach Bill Belichick, after going 11-5 the year before. Then owner Art Modell dropped the bomb that he was moving the team to Baltimore at the end of the year. The Browns went 1-6 after the announcement and then fired Bill Belichick. Well done!However, the Raiders have experience in making the best of a lame situation. In 1980, Al Davis announced a deal to move the Raiders from Oakland to Los Angeles, but the NFL rejected the move. His team continued playing in Oakland while the court battle was ongoing, playing two seasons before Davis won the right to move. In the first of those, the Raiders won the Super Bowl despite being (sort of) on their way out. They also won the Super Bowl after the 1983 season, their second in LA.So, if history is any indication, the modern-day Raiders’ move could lead to them sinking their franchise and possibly missing out on being the NFL’s next dynasty or, well, kind of being the NFL’s next dynasty. Share on Facebook read more

YEARTEAMCHANGE IN AVG ATTENDANCESTADIUM This wouldn’t have been shocking — the San Diego Chargers frequently played to empty seats — if it weren’t for the fact that the team’s temporary home is a Major League Soccer venue, the StubHub Center, with a capacity of just 27,167, compared with the average NFL stadium capacity of a little more than 69,000 in 2017. Perhaps even more worrisome is whether the Chargers will be able to fill their planned new stadium in Inglewood, which will hold 70,240. In the Chargers’ debut game, the crowd was apparently very loud, but not all of the noise was for the home team: Many of those cheers reportedly came from the visiting Miami Dolphin fans, at least according to Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers.This lack of apparent enthusiasm has even sparked grumblings that the team might be forced back down the 405 to its old home in San Diego. But lost in the hoopla of this — L.A. fans don’t just give their devotion, teams have to earn it — is that the Chargers’ problems are masking a bigger problem across town. As it stands now, the Rams are on pace for the biggest season-to-season drop in average attendance of any NFL team in 25 years (among teams that didn’t change stadiums). And it’s not even close. 2011Cincinnati-11,114Paul Brown Stadium There are a couple of factors at work here. For starters, the Rams’ first season back in L.A. last year was the most successful of any new team (expansion or relocated team) in 25 years. Among the nine teams in their first year in a new city since 1993, the Rams had the highest single-game attendance (91,046), largest average (84,457) and highest total attendance (591,197).1And that’s with just seven home games — the Rams were the designated home team in their game in London against the New York Giants. To be sure, the huge capacity of the Coliseum — L.A.’s nearly 100-year-old Olympic venue that seats 93,607, most in the NFL — inflated their numbers and gave them a high perch from which to fall.It’s not unusual for NFL teams in new cities to struggle with attendance in year two when the initial excitement wears off. In 1996 — a year after the season in which the league expanded and the two old Los Angeles teams relocated — the St. Louis Rams, the Oakland Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars all saw their average attendances drop from the previous year, albeit by a combined 6,066.But what’s more mystifying is that the Rams were expected to be a better team this season. After last season’s dismal 4-12 showing, the team had a productive offseason, hiring wunderkind coach Sean McVay, signing Pro-Bowlers in pass-rusher Connor Barwin and tackle Andrew Whitworth, and then trading for Buffalo’s star wide receiver Sammy Watkins to give second-year quarterback Jared Goff a new weapon. If anything, enthusiasm should have been on the rise.And yet through two games at home, the team is averaging about 58,000 fans per game, down from last season by roughly 26,000 — which is oddly almost the same number as the Chargers have averaged in two games (25,384). Could it be that simple? That there are just 84,000 people in L.A. willing to pay for the NFL?The Rams have only five home games left this season (that’s because they’re the designated home team in their Week 7 game against the Arizona Cardinals in London). This means that they’ll need to attract an average of roughly 70,000 fans per game from here on out to avoid becoming the team with the worst season-long average attendance decline since 1993. That “record” is currently held by the 1996 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.The NFL’s attendance problem in L.A. may reach its most embarrassing level in Weeks 14 and 17, when both the Rams and Chargers play at home. All eyes will be on the city of Los Angeles to see where those 84,000 fans show up.Check out our latest NFL predictions. 2009Oakland-13,566Oakland Coliseum 1995Arizona-15,591Sun Devil Stadium 2017L.A. Rams-26,087Memorial Coliseum 1994Houston Oilers-12,990Houston Astrodome Attendances are based on regular-season games played at home. Teams playing their first year in a new stadium were not included.Source: Pro-Football-Reference.com 2009Jacksonville-15,516EverBank Field 1996New Orleans-12,324Superdome The Rams are on course for a record they won’t be proud ofThe largest season-to-season drops in average attendance at NFL stadiums since 1993 Los Angeles spent two decades on the NFL sidelines. Then, within the span of 12 months, not one but two teams announced that they would move to L.A.If the more than 13 million residents of the greater Los Angeles area are thrilled to finally have multiple NFL options, they have a funny way of showing it.Photos posted online from the Los Angeles Rams’ first two home games of this season — the team’s second back in the city — showed what looked like a half-empty Memorial Coliseum. A little more than 12 miles away, the Chargers’ inability to fill the seats in their first home game raised a big red flag. 1998St. Louis Rams-10,916The Dome at America’s Center 1996Atlanta-10,433Georgia Dome 1996Tampa Bay-17,525Tampa Stadium read more

first_imgJapan have surprisingly made six changes to their starting line-up ahead of today’s final Group H game with the side only needing a point against the already eliminated Poland to reach the last 16Defender Gen Shoji,  midfielders Makoto Hasebe, Genki Haraguchi, Takashi Inui and Shinji Kagawa and forward Yuya Osako have all been dropped by head coach Akira Nishino.The 63-year-old has instead opted for the forward pairing of Shinji Okazaki and Yoshinori Muto with midfielders Hotaru Yamaguchi and Takashi Usami starting.Defenders Gotoku Sakai and Tomoaki Makino have also been called up.Meanwhile, Poland have made five changes of their own with new West Ham goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski replacing regular number one Wojciech Szczesny being the most notable change.robert lewandowski, PolandReport: Euro 2020 qualifying Group G George Patchias – September 9, 2019 Euro 2020 qualifying Group G, saw Robert Lewandowski draw another blank.What should have been a plane sailing group for Poland, has turned out to…Lukasz Piszczek, Michal Pazdan, Maciej Rybus and Dawid Kownacki have all been dropped in favour of defenders Kamil Glik and Artur Jedrzejczyk and midfield duo Kamil Grosicki and Rafal Kurzawa.A huge day in Group H…TEAM NEWS (1/2) // #JPNPOL #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/3ti1MOX1O4— FIFA World Cup ?? (@FIFAWorldCup) June 28, 2018last_img read more

first_imgFollowing the appointment of Barcelona’s Francesco Calvo as their new chief revenue officer of AS Roma, the club’s President James Pallotta while commenting the appointment added that “we still want Lionel Messi!”The Giallorossi are still recovering from the shock when the Spanish champions hijacked their move for Bordeaux winger Malcom at the last second.On that same note, the club’s American boss granted a long interview to SiriusXM FC where he quoted to insist that the only way for they can forgive the Catalans and heal the rift was to give his club Messi.Earlier today, 41-year-old Italian Francesco Calvo was appointed to take the position of chief revenue officer, prompting him to leave Barcelona to take up the job. Pallotta: “This changes nothing. We still want Messi!” ? pic.twitter.com/jXnUaaqUv6Rick Karsdorp, Roma, Serie AKarsdorp reveals he had too much stress at Roma Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The Dutch defender has been with the Gialorrossi since 2017, but he has not enjoyed his time in the Italian Lega Serie A.— AS Roma English (@ASRomaEN) August 2, 2018“This changes nothing,” Palotta joked in a statement via Roma’s official Twitter account.“We still want Messi!”Calvo previously worked at Juventus for four years.last_img read more

first_imgAC Milan has left out Portuguese forward Andre Silva from the squad to face Real Madrid, as the striker is wrapping a move to Sevilla.The pre-season friendly is slated to kick off at 20.00 UK time on Saturday evening in Spain.Coach Gennaro Gattuso will be without injured trio Pepe Reina, Ivan Strinic, and Ignazio Abate.However, other significant absentees from the list of players are Andre Silva and Montolivo.AC Milan director Leonardo admitted the Portuguese international was one of those who could leave the club, along with Carlos Bacca.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….Sky Sports Italia now claim that Andre Silva is closing in on a transfer to the La Liga side after just two Serie A goals in his debut season, having paid €38m to get him from FC Porto a year ago.He could even have a medical over the next 48 hours, and it’s believed to be a loan deal with an option to buy.The Rossoneri have equally sold Croatian striker Nikola Kalinic to Atletico Madrid this week.Meanwhile, veteran midfielder Montolivo left the training ground early today, fuelling reports of an imminent move or even a contract termination.Milan squad to face Real Madrid: A Donnarumma, G Donnarumma, Plizzari; Bellanova, Calabria, Caldara, Musacchio, Rodriguez, Romagnoli, Simic; Biglia, Bonaventura, Brescianini, Calhanoglu, Halilovic, Kessie, Locatelli, Mauri, Torrasi; Bacca, Borini, Cutrone, Higuain, Susolast_img read more