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first_imgThe IRS has ratcheted up its surveillance and investigation into church political activities in the wake of a surge in prohibited contributions to candidates. The Internal Revenue Service has begun to more closely monitor church and other charities’ political activities and intends to expand it into a systematic nationwide approach, said Steven Miller, the Internal Revenue Service’s commissioner of tax-exempt and government entities in Washington, D.C. Miller said in an interview Friday that the IRS has realized that its historic reliance on complaints — such as the one that prompted the current controversial investigation of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena — has not kept pace with growing abuses. “Should we get smarter, more systematic? The answer is yes,” Miller said. The Daily News reported on Wednesday that in Los Angeles alone, 39 churches, synagogues and Buddhist temples were identified by political candidates on a city Web site as contributing more than $15,000 to their election campaigns since 1998. Under the Internal Revenue Service tax code, contributions to political candidates by nonprofits — including houses of worship — violate a prohibition against political campaign activity, which includes a ban on endorsing a candidate in an active election. But the IRS action comes amid a growing national debate over churches’ role in politics — and whether the IRS is fairly monitoring their activities. The local spotlight has focused on All Saints, where the IRS began investigating a complaint that a 2004 sermon by a former rector was critical of the Bush administration. All Saints attorney Marcus Owens, with Caplin & Drysdale in Washington, D.C., said Friday that any beefed-up IRS enforcement needs to be coupled with clearer definitions of prohibited political campaign intervention. All Saints officials have said the IRS grounds for investigating the church are subjective and less clear than straight political contributions or candidate endorsements. “They should pick where it’s clear and not subjective and in the middle of a religious service,” Owens said. Miller said the IRS began more aggressively monitoring charities’ contributions after seeing an uptick in complaints “and a lot of money floating around” during the 2004 election. The agency launched a campaign to educate nonprofits on what types of activities could jeopardize their tax-exempt status. This spring the IRS began reviewing national Web sites for charities — including houses of worship — for reports of political contributors. Miller declined to say how many cases it has found and pursued. He also said he did not know whether the sites are detailing charities and churches in Los Angeles or other local regions. But he said the review is the first step toward broader enforcement efforts. “If it doesn’t pick up Los Angeles, then eventually before or after the election, if there are good leads, we will follow them,” he said. While Miller said the IRS’ previous reliance on the complaint-based system wasn’t perfect, he noted it netted complaints across the political spectrum. The IRS said it examined 47 churches nationwide for political activity compliance in 2004 and wrote warning letters or assessed excise taxes to 37. No revocations of tax-exempt status were proposed. In 2005, the agency began audits of 70 churches and charities that are still pending. It reportedly has 40 cases pending so far this year. While some have railed against the IRS scrutiny, others said that in many instances the houses of worship have brought it upon themselves. “The sad thing to me is, historically, the government generally has tried their best to stay out of these kind of arguments as to what goes on in houses of worship,” said the Rev. Welton Gaddy, president of the Interfaith Alliance in Washington, D.C., which represents 185,000 members from 75 different religions. “Now it’s almost as though houses of worship are throwing out an invitation, ‘Come and get us if you want.’” Gaddy said the level of IRS scrutiny is worrisome if it impinges on legitimate scriptural-based commentary on political issues. But, he said, it also underscores how politicized religion has become and vice versa. “I think we’re giving the IRS more authority than we ought to be giving them, but many houses of worship are going to be as much to blame as the IRS agents. “I think there are religious leaders in this society so absolutely certain they know God’s will for everybody that they feel like they have the authority even to defy the government in order to tell people what to do. “What’s playing out in the churches is being fed by a conclusion that we can measure the authenticity of your religion by looking at how you vote.” Gaddy said the perception of the conservative right commandeering the political arena is fading as more liberal houses of worship take on political overtones. “The left is so fearful of the right having an almost unbreakable grip on government power that the left is beginning to take risks in that area also,” he said. For its part, Miller said the IRS does not intend to “sit in the pews” to monitor political speech in churches. But it will more aggressively search Web site databases for potential abuses of political contributions. “It’s not that they wear a scarlet letter if they’re on the list, but it’s a good lead.” — Beth Barrett, (818) 713-3731 [email protected] 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

first_imgCognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… This post is presented by Business Is Great Britain.The Internet is global, so why shouldn’t your company be, too?Alicia Navarro, the founder and CEO of Skimlinks, learned early on that when you’re selling products or services over the World Wide Web, people can access them worldwide. That means customer service, technical support, and all other aspects of your business ought to be just as easy for them to reach. Skimlinks helps Web publishers make money by turning mentions of products into affiliate links—clickable, trackable  links for which retailers pay sites when customers end up buying things. Since Web publishing and e-commerce have global appeal, Navarro has had to learn to run her business to reflect that. From its beginnings in Sydney, Australia, Skimlinks now has 65 employees spread around the world and dual headquarters in London and San Francisco.In an interview with ReadWrite, Navarro gave us some pointers on running a business that’s gone global faster than you may have expected. Give The People What They WantSkimlinks has been an exercise in quick shifts from the very beginning. Navarro originally set out to build a social decisionmaking service. Her custom program for affiliate linking—the predecessor to Skimlinks—was simply a way to make money off of it. “I found that when I was pitching for [venture capital] money or customers for our white-label service, nobody was interested in our social decisionmaking tool,” Navarro said. “They were all interested in this unsexy monetization technology that I built. I realized that if I wanted to survive, I’d have to throw away everything I’d built for the last year and instead commercialize this so that other websites could use it to make money on their sites.”See also: Pinterest’s Second Attempt At Making Money Actually Sounds SmartToday, Skimlinks runs on 1.5 million sites run by 40,000 individual publishers, with 18,000 merchants and affiliate networks as partners. Affiliate marketing is thought to have gotten its start in 1996, when Amazon launched its Associates program, and it’s done nothing but grow since. Forrester now estimates that spending on affiliate marketing will grow to $4.5 billion by 2016.  The first step to a successful global business is identifying a product people universally want. Navarro’s original idea could never have become a global business because it wasn’t universally appealing. But making money off of a website, it turns out, is.Begin Where The Opportunity IsNavarro is a native Australian, but lives and works in London today. Leaving her homeland was a matter of finding a locale where she could find local investors for her business, something she was unable to secure in Australia. “There was one venture capitalist in Sydney, that was it,” she said. “I pitched to him and the answer was no, and that was it, I was stuck.”After that, Navarro said she “did what every self-respecting Australian does when they’re trying to find an answer and I went on a walkabout.” Six weeks of backpacking led her back to London, where she’d previously lived in her mid-twenties. See also: 10 Great International Cities For Your Business“I ended up deciding to move back to London because I’d managed to secure a first customer for the white-label service and I’d managed to find office space at an incubator,” she said. “The choice I guess was between the US and the UK, but I had a UK visa, I knew more people there, and I was more comfortable there. So I moved to London where I could be a full-time entrepreneur, and where my first customers were.”Keep It TogetherFast-forward to 2014. Skimlinks has a London office, a San Francisco office, and is about to open a New York City office, too. Even with that breakneck expansion, Navarro has cofounders and employees who have been with her since her Australia days. The key to keeping that international mixture smooth, Navarro said, is by maintaining a similar culture in each office through frequent visits from veterans of the business. “We deliberately timed the move to San Francisco with two-and-a-half years of being in London,” she said. “We thought, now we have a solid-enough base in London that we can risk breaking it into two different teams.”Navarro made sure that two of her original team members made it on to the San Francisco team, and built the rest of the satellite office around them. See also: 12 Things You Should Do Before Entering a Business Partnership“I made sure that the new office was seeded with what I call cultural ambassadors—people who are from the original team, who are strong representatives of the brand, who would be the kernel of the new office’s culture,” she said.Finally, Navarro herself spends most of the year traveling in between the two offices, and plans to include the New York office in that rotation soon.“II think the companies that don’t succeed are the ones that hire a standalone employee and expect them to operate on their own in isolation,” Navarro said. “It requires a lot of flying, face-to-face time, and a lot of founder time back and forth to not only support that person but not make them feel lonely.”A global product, an opportune starting point, and a central business culture that unite the far-flung corners of her business are the pillars of Navarro’s success with Skimlinks. Now as she expands to mobile as well as desktop, to clients in Asia and beyond, and to yet another new office, Navarro doesn’t have any plans to change her method of attack. “I think we do those three things very well and it’s enabled us to expand to San Francisco and we’re now replicating that path as we set up our New York office,” she said.A product with global appeal—and a globetrotting personal touch. Those are Navarro’s secrets. Can you make them yours, too?Photo courtesy of Alicia Navarro Tags:#Affiliate marketing#Alicia Navarro#business#Business Is Great#e-commerce#Founder interview#global expansion#international#Skimlinks#sponsored posts 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Nowcenter_img lauren orsini Related Posts IT + Project Management: A Love Affairlast_img read more

first_img Watch Serie A live in the UK on Premier Sports for just £11.99 per month including live LaLiga, Eredivisie, Scottish Cup Football and more. Visit: https://subscribe.premiersports.tv/ Verona patron Maurizio Setti claims his club have been made a “scapegoat” as their chief operating officer is “perplexed” by the partial stadium ban for racism. The FIGC ruled on Monday that part of Verona’s curva would be closed for their next game after fans racially abused Mario Balotelli during their 2-1 win against Brescia at the weekend. “We’ve been made a scapegoat,” Setti told Rainews24. The Gialloblu reacted by giving an 11-year ban to ultras leader Luca Castellini, who claimed the racism was all “in Balotelli’s head” and repeatedly referred to him as ‘n***o’ in a controversial interview. Director Francesco Barresi told Sky Sport Italia: “It’s a decision we took after careful consideration on Monday. “We’ve never tolerated and will never tolerate this type of behaviour, while fighting any form of discrimination. “We proceeded to take this measure because the principles and values ​​that the club expects from any of its stakeholders proved to be alien to the subject in question. “As for the section of our curva being closed off, it’s a decision that’s just been made aware to us: we’ll evaluate the action taken and then decide how to move. “However, I must say that the measure leaves us perplexed and even amazed, given we consider it very harsh, especially if we were to identify those few subjects, as specified by the FIGC judge, in the context of a sector that holds thousands of fans. “We want to see this thing through because we believe it isn’t correct to punish an entire sector because of a few individuals, whom we’re trying to identify, to protect the many people and families that have been supporting Hellas Verona for many years.”last_img read more

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo has declared he is “very fit”, despite Juventus’ insistence that he has been nursing a knee injury. Ronaldo was brought off in each of Juve’s last two games due to an apparent problem with his knee. However, Maurizio Sarri’s decision to substitute him against Milan was not taken well by the No 7, who allegedly left the stadium midway through the 1-0 win. Furthermore, Portugal CT Fernando Santos and international teammate Goncalo Paciencia have since argued that their talisman is working without any problems. “To open this news bulletin, we can give this news: the captain is well, very well,” the 34-year-old told reporters. “Not only am I fine, but I can say that I am very fit too. The balance sheet is definitely positive. Now you can interview others!” The Selecao will book their place at Euro 2020 with victory over Lithuania this evening. Watch Serie A live in the UK on Premier Sports for just £11.99 per month including live LaLiga, Eredivisie, Scottish Cup Football and more. Visit: https://subscribe.premiersports.tv/last_img read more

first_imgTHE EAGLES HAVE LANDED: The Pakistani team at DharamsalaSo it doesn’t get any bigger than this then, does it? You could have fooled Pakistan. Its cricket team travels to India for their first series there for six years amidst, well, a curious apathy. The build-up to this series has been,THE EAGLES HAVE LANDED: The Pakistani team at DharamsalaSo it doesn’t get any bigger than this then, does it? You could have fooled Pakistan. Its cricket team travels to India for their first series there for six years amidst, well, a curious apathy. The build-up to this series has been a slow-burner-little hype on TV, no talking endlessly about the Karachi run-chase of 1978-79, or the last-ball six at Sharjah. Even newspaper reportage is, shockingly, interested only in staid matters such as the squad’s composition and venues, devoid of any masala, barring the occasional Shoaib Akhtar or Sarfraz Nawaz outburst. It isn’t that people are not interested or excited, it’s just that compared to last year’s epic series, they seem blase. Why?Last year’s tour was never just about the cricket. Timed as it was around a newly emerging political detente between the two countries, the tour became the fulcrum form ass socio-cultural exchange. Pakistan and India played cricket together yes, but during it, around it and subsequent to it they made films together, organised fashion shows, sang songs and made music videos together.Figuring Out The FreshersKamran AkmalKamran Akmal: A natural behind the stumps, Akmal is spectacular to spin and efficient to the faster men. He has been so good that calls for Rashid Latif and Moin Khan’s recall have been ignored.Danish KaneriaDanish Kaneria: The most promising leg-spinner in the game and with a successful tour of Australia behind him, he is the most confident as well. Kaneria’s action is not pretty but his perseverance, variety and above all accuracy means that the India tour could be his making.Salman ButtSalman Butt: His off-side game is sparkling, studded with extravagant cover drives and a unique flick behind point. Butt’s leg-side game is less impressive and he might struggle against spin.If Pooja and Mahesh Bhatt discovered the delightfully art-house sensibilities of the Kara film Festival (as well as Lollywood starlet Meera, who bagged a role across the border), then the conformist pop of Strings and the mainstream musical fusion of Fuzon discovered India.advertisementIn Pakistan, even paan wallahs were dreaming up cross-border collaborations; if a project did not have Indian input, “Uff well, that was just so last year”. On the pitch too, India and Pakistan met in no less than nine ODI matches, in five different venues, making up for lost time and simultaneously guarding against a future embargo.India-Pakistan, dosti-dosti; it was regurgitated, almost vomited throughout most of 2004. This year then, is it any wonder that perhaps, inevitably, like the incessant and excessive hummability of a teeny-bopper chart-topper, there is a little fatigue at an India-Pakistan series? Has familiarity bred ennui? And are we all a little good-willed out perhaps?It has not helped matters either that like last year the tour, although never in serious doubt, has been intangible, a little ethereal until now. The tiff over Ahmedabad, the brief but perennial TV rights blip and the equally embedded subcontinental trait of leaving everything till the very last moment has meant that the tour for many was not a very real concept.There were though, finally and belatedly, some signs of excitement and anticipation when visa forms were handed out on purchase of tickets (for the Mohali Test) at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. Fans, reportedly 40 of them, slept on pavements outside the stadium to pick up forms first thing in the morning and for once, the sight of long queues was a pleasing one. Consider this as a counterpoint to the overkill of dosti-dosti: there were 7,500 tickets reserved for Pakistani fans, 5,500 of which (much to the chagrin of Karachiites) were for Lahore only. If, as reports suggested, most of the tickets have been sold, it throws up the remarkable situation of more Pakistanis having gone to India to witness a Test match than the number which turned up in Pakistan to watch one last year.It should not really be a surprise given that Pakistan, who would be underdogs if such things were applicable to these contests, has enough about it to illuminate what should be a special series, one that is loaded with several intriguing sub-plots.Yes, he of the rickety hamstrings and the faked photographs-surely the ultimate sign of the celebrity hood that Akhtar so craves-is not here. In his absence is a team not as bad as a drubbing by Australia suggests, for no team is ever that poor. In fact, their performances in the VB Series after Akhtar’s injury, as in Karachi against Sri Lanka in November 2004 (a Test they won without Akhtar and Mohammad Sami), suggests that they gel better as a team without him.Let’s not get delusional about this though. No matter how much we love to hate Akhtar the reality, tragic as it may be, is that his absence leaves, for the Test matche sat least, a thread bare feel about the attack. He is not just the fastest, or the most experienced.advertisementQuite simply, he is Pakistan’s most successful bowler in recent times, as 75 wickets in his past 15 Tests-against all manner of opposition in all countries- testifies.And with Shabbir Ahmed and Umar Gul still out, much of the responsibility of the pace attack falls on the slim shoulders of Sami and the big heart of Rana Naved-ul-Hasan.The portents though reveal slivers of promise. Even though Sami remains a man for whom the words “flatters to deceive” were surely first muttered with disdain, he often puts in his best work sans Akhtar. Rana reaffirmed his strong character on the Australia tour (in the aftermath of his father’s death) but it also revealed a hitherto underrated ability with the ball, albeit in ODIs. Ticket Sale for India-Pakistan seriesTicket sales indicate a remarkable situation of morePakistanis having gone to India to see a Test match than the numberwhich turned up in Pakistan to watch one last year.The jury is still out on whether he can cut it at the Test level, but consider this: he has pace, variety and above all intelligence and he reverse swings a meaner yorker than either Akhtar or Sami. But the man on whom most eyes-and many hopes-will rest is Danish Parabha Shankar Kaneria. Australia marked his official coming of age, his pass to play in the league of big boys and as far as swatting leg-spin goes, the boys don’t get much bigger than the Indians. What does he bring? Ostensibly an ungainly, hunched yet high arm action (the result of a short and chubby childhood spent trying to give the ball as much flight to get to the other end), enviable bounce and turn and relentless accuracy. He brings with him, too, the usual leggie’s bag of temptations, the most delightful of which is a wonderfully disguised googly bearing the Richie Benaud stamp of approval.Above all, he brings a ravenous hunger for success. Indians will remember him for his diligence and untiring enthusiasm in the Rawalpindi Test last year. He has since embellished it with the attitude of a fast bowler, one that has reaped rich rewards-he has taken 30 wickets in five Tests since that series. If Australia washis making, then India couldbehis making for life.Indo-Pak Series ScheduleClick here to EnlargeMuch less is intriguing about the batting. It remains, as was evident in Australia, both a weakness and a strength. The reliance on the rock of Inzamam-ul-Haq seems to have lessened. At Melbourne and Sydney,when his back injury flared up, Pakistan were weaned off him forcibly and performed, for the most part, credibly. His stunning return to form in the VB Series reinforced how crucial he remains to Pakistan, and how his batting has improved with leadership. He is as near to peak form as is possible, at a stage where batting seems an after thought. He scored five 50s during the VB series and each time he had scored them before you even knew he had.There is hope too-fresh in Salman Butt and renewed in the likes ofYounis Khan. Like Saeed Anwar, Butt’s wrists and an enchanting off-side game make up for some plodding feet but he may face problems in prolonged spells of quality spin. Most impressive, perhaps, is his cool, unruffled temperament and a willingness, say the team management, to bat to a plan.FAN FARE: People line up to apply for visas in LahoreKhan arrives with more baggage than most. He was solid and reliable without exploding in Australia, a trait that hasmarkedmost of his career. For the past two years, he has also been talked of as a future captain and his elevation to the vicecaptaincy is both a reward for his recent consistency and part of a broader leadership plan. In and around these is a sea of if-onlys-if only Youhana always played as he did in Melbourne on Boxing Day, if only a place can be found for the doughty Asim Kamal in the middle order, if only Kamran Akmal could bat as well as he keeps, if only Shoaib Malik could bowl again thus replacing the regressing Abdul Razzaq in the Test side. If only. Then what a series we could be in for.Does it get bigger than this? Probably, and especially so, given the unremarkable and often insipid history of matches between the two nations. Glaswegians will tell you it does, as will Milanese and Mancunians.Maybe this history has caught up and subdued the hype. Maybe we are a little tired of playing against each other so often in such a short period of time, hoping that it does not take away from the uniqueness of the occasion. Maybe but only until March 8.advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgWelcome to the post Queen’s Birthday long weekend edition of Sixty Seconds in Touch… * The Open sides held a training camp over the long weekend, with the job of selecting the Open sides for the All Nations tournament one of the most difficult to ever confront the coaching team. From all reports the competition was extremely tight and tough and the Australian sides will no doubt be extremely strong to take on the Kiwi’s on their home soil. The sides will be announced within the next few weeks, after the players have accepted their position and paid their deposit for the All Nations tournament, so keep an eye on the ATA website for all the news. * The Managers and Assistant Coaches for the All Nations senior sides have been announced, check out the successful applicants on the ATA homepage. * On a final All Nations note, NZ Touch have sent out their third edition of the All Nations newsletter, it can be viewed here: ALL NATIONS NEWSLETTER 3 * The NSW Touch Website is advertising level 1 and level 2 coaching courses, so if yopu’re keen to advance your skills check out www.nswtouch.com.au and see if the opportunity is one you want to grab. * The Queensland Junior State Cup is just 2 weeks away, with nominations seeing 121 teams converge on the Glasshouse Mountains for the event. ATA Tournament Director and IT man Jon Pratt is looking forward to the trip away from frosty cold Canberra to help out Qld Touch with the IT side of the event. He’ll be teaching the Qld Touch people to use the Sporting Pulse results system, a computer based system that allows people world-wide to log on and see results, ladders, draws and so forth. ATA Media Manager Rachel Moyle will also be doing some lead up work to the event, helping with promotion and writing media releases and so forth. It’s another great opportunity to help promote the sport. * The ACT Touch Association is holding trials for their Under 18 sides this Thursday and next. Check out www.acttouch.com.au if you’re interested. * Touch SA are holding a fundraiser night for their All Nations representatives on Sunday July 3. They’ll be heading out as a group to see the new Movie blockbuster `War of the Worlds’ with Tom Cruise, directed by Steven Spielberg. It’s a great example of how Touch Associations are rallying around their Australian representatives. * Applications are coming in steadily for the Touch-e-Talk newsletter `Volunteer of the Month’. We’re starting to realise just how many volunteers there are in our sport and will be doing our best in the coming months to recognise as many as possible! * Big news out of WA: The Southern Districts Mens Over 30’s side competed in the Asian Masters Touch Tournament in Singapore last weekend, defeating Japan 4-1 in the grand final. In the Mixed grand final the Karratha Dinosaurs went down to The Fellowship (a largely NZ based side) 5-2. Top work TouchWest! * With the Special General Meeting set to hit Canberra on June 25, there’s a lot of info that needs to get out to the Touch public. Make sure you have a look at the latest news on the website, including the proposed constitutional changes and how the Unitary Model will affect your affiliate. * It was great to see a half-page news article in last weekend’s Sun Herald, about the case out of Penrith Touch, where a player was banned for 15 years for assaulting a referee. Australian Touch and all it’s Associations want to make it perfectly clear that that sort of behaviour is unacceptable in our sport. * Remember to keep looking for opportunities to promote the sport, if you have any events of happenings that you think might be newsworthy, let Rachel Moyle know on [email protected] Interest for the All Nations is going through the roof with stories about players and coaches becoming popular news items! By Rachel Moyle, [email protected]last_img

first_imgLiverpool boss Klopp admits he missed Origi winner against Barcelonaby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveJurgen Klopp admits he missed Divock Origi’s winner in the Champions League semi-final win over Barcelona.Origi scored from Trent Alexander-Arnold’s quick corner to make it 4-0 and secure the Reds’ place in the final.”Unfortunately, the most incredible moment in the history of the Champions League… I didn’t actually see it,” Klopp said. “Maybe this is a good metaphor for the life of a football manager, I don’t know. But I completely missed Trent Alexander-Arnold’s moment of pure genius.”I saw the ball go out for a corner. I saw Trent walking over to take it. I saw Shaqiri following him. But then I turned my back because we were preparing to make a substitution. I was talking to my assistant, and… you know, I have goose bumps every time I think about it… I just heard the noise.”I turned to the pitch and I saw the ball flying into the goal. I turned back to our bench and looked at Ben Woodburn, and he said, “What just happened?!” And I said, “I have no idea!”‘ “Anfield was going — boof — absolutely crazy. I could barely hear my assistant, and he was yelling, “So… do we still make the substitute?” Hahahaha! I will never forget him saying that! That will always be with me.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

first_imgStory Highlights Minister of Health, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, says 10 additional workers will be employed at the Trelawny Health Department’s Vector Control Unit as the Ministry steps up efforts in destroying mosquito breeding sites in the parish.“We are expanding the temporary work staff. We will be moving from 40 to 50 Housing, Opportunity, Production and Employment (HOPE) Programme as well as Ministry of Health (Vector Support Programme) personnel, who will be working alongside the 10 permanent workers. They will be deployed in critical communities, like Albert Town, where there are a high number of Aedes aegypti breeding sites,” he said.He informed that the additional workers will be “mapping the town centres to create awareness among citizens, in order to get them to participate (in the eradication of mosquito breeding sites)”.The Minister was speaking to journalists following a recent meeting with staff at the Falmouth Hospital, as well as other stakeholders, to discuss vector control measures.He noted that January has been active in terms of mosquito breeding, and, as such, the Trelawny Health Department is redoubling its vector control efforts.In addition to increasing personnel, the Ministry is providing logistic support in terms of transportation and fogging equipment.Dr. Tufton reiterated his appeal for citizens to be vigilant in eradicating mosquito breeding sites in and around their homes, and said that the Ministry will ensure that persons who experience symptoms of dengue are treated as quickly as possible.Chief Medical Officer at the Falmouth Hospital, Dr. Diane Dale, joined the Minister in urging residents to protect themselves by ensuring that their homes are not breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito.She advised residents to “seek healthcare early if they suspect they might have dengue. We have a network of 19 health centres, most of which doctors visit regularly, and, as such, residents have reasonable access to health services”.Dr. Dale further urged residents to “be very facilitating to vector control workers when they come to their homes to assist them in identifying and destroying breeding sites, and continue eradication efforts even after the workers have left”.The Aedes aegypti mosquito is responsible for transmitting dengue, Zika and chikungunya viruses. He informed that the additional workers will be “mapping the town centres to create awareness among citizens, in order to get them to participate (in the eradication of mosquito breeding sites)”. “We are expanding the temporary work staff. We will be moving from 40 to 50 Housing, Opportunity, Production and Employment (HOPE) Programme as well as Ministry of Health (Vector Support Programme) personnel, who will be working alongside the 10 permanent workers. They will be deployed in critical communities, like Albert Town, where there are a high number of Aedes aegypti breeding sites,” he said. Minister of Health, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, says 10 additional workers will be employed at the Trelawny Health Department’s Vector Control Unit as the Ministry steps up efforts in destroying mosquito breeding sites in the parish. last_img read more

first_img In his remarks, Councillor for the Havendale Division, Vernon McLeod, who moved the motion, stressed that there are substantial benefits that can accrue from stronger relations with Windhoek. According to the Resolution, the city of Windhoek “has extended the hand of friendship to the city of Kingston…through the established diplomatic channels to support and bolster a suitable and mutually beneficial twinning relationship.” Story Highlights The cultural, creative and historic ties between Kingston, Jamaica and Windhoek, Namibia in Africa are expected to be strengthened through a twinning relationship. The cultural, creative and historic ties between Kingston, Jamaica and Windhoek, Namibia in Africa are expected to be strengthened through a twinning relationship.A Resolution to support this partnership was approved at the first Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation meeting for the year on Tuesday (January 9), at its Chambers in downtown Kingston.According to the Resolution, the city of Windhoek “has extended the hand of friendship to the city of Kingston…through the established diplomatic channels to support and bolster a suitable and mutually beneficial twinning relationship.”“Both these cities share deep cultural, creative and historic ties and have agreed to pursue and solidify this relationship through various initiatives, such as trade in goods and services, youth participation in governance, community empowerment and local economic development,” the document read.In his remarks, Councillor for the Havendale Division, Vernon McLeod, who moved the motion, stressed that there are substantial benefits that can accrue from stronger relations with Windhoek.He noted especially, that that city could gain valuable insights from Jamaica’s tourism sector, which is among the best in the region.“I believe that twinning with them will have some benefits for both Windhoek and ourselves….we are really looking forward to this relationship for us to have various exchanges with them, so that both of us can benefit,” he said.Councillor for the Trafalgar Division, Kari Douglas, who seconded the motion, pointed out that traditionally, municipal corporations and cities across the world have partnered or entered into co-operative long-term relationships through which cultural, educational, business and technical exchanges take place.“Some of these partnerships have been nurtured to realise benefits from various industries and areas of development to include trade and tourism. In partnering or twinning the city of Kingston with Windhoek, there are some expectations for benefits or positive outcomes from the relationship between both cities,” she said.The Resolution is to be sent to the Ministry of Local Government and Communality Development for support.last_img read more

first_imgAPTN NewsFirst Nations, Metis and Inuit Youth Indigenized the Senate Wednesday.Nine youth leaders testified before the Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples on what a new relationship between Canada and Indigenous peoples should look like.The third annual ‘Youth Indigenize the Senate’ day is part of National Indigenous History Month [email protected]@aptnnewslast_img