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how to do?

Google and love Shanghai ranking is why

first thing to say is a 301 redirect to the weight concentration there are certain advantages, but most of the space is not supported by a 301 redirect, if you have a virtual host, your VPS or your own server, so as to learn how to conduct a 301 redirect, if not do not use WWW and not www at the same time, with the analytical WWW, otherwise it will distract the weight, this is why we often see without www sometimes in front of the domain name with www.

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algorithm is not the same, but as long as you stand the comprehensive factors are done, the final ranking will be among the best. Maybe you will find that Google ranking than love Shanghai do, indeed, Google is currently on the original requirements are not high in terms of love, which you can see, the same site, in Google’s included than love sea beenincluded number. Google foreign chain value degree is higher than that of love Shanghai, so that the chain do good, also have a good ranking in Google. Therefore, as long as a stand to update a period of time, do the chain, Google ranking will soon go up, but the love of Shanghai will have to spend more time, because I love Shanghai more focus on user experience, more and more time on the assessment of station difference. read more


I didn’t learn at school geography so sometimes search in some areas, but recently in the search found to be content with different (before the search content of different landlord that is the main content of different types, such as home) related information appears in the search of Ji’nan are mostly related to Ji’nan tourism information but for Ji’nan to introduce some relevant information of class less. This may be due to the launch of Scindapsus love Shanghai algorithm for information site algorithm adjustment reason.


is the webmaster but landlord today to say is not standing in the webmaster perspective, but as a faithful love Shanghai search users about recent changes to our love in Haifa. Near eleven many friends are very happy this year may be the longest vacation to relax your heart out so many of my friends have eleven travel plans, you also have the meaning as usual but the landlord is busy working and do not have much time to go out to travel, so for some tourist sites do not understand, and as loyal users love Shanghai’s first consideration is of course a keyword search, found the problem, the answer turned out to be a few years ago, want to speak for travel offered timeliness is especially important in the love of Shanghai is provided to the user’s information is in failure for a long time people how continue to accept the "love"? As in figure read more