after the campus network, Taobao and other sites, known as the first domestic traffic video site Youku, recently also to search engines Baidu and Google said".

Tencent Francisco December 17th netizens puliao to science and technology Tencent, has been shielded from the two major search engine "spider", currently in the Baidu video and Google video search and Youku content related to any.

Youku active shielding Baidu

Tencent science and technology to open Baidu video, you can see a lot of video content from potatoes, cool 6 network and other video sites, but can not find Youku related links. Enter the keyword Youku, and even search and Youku related content. In the Google video channel, Tencent technology has also found a similar situation.

Baidu public relations department told Tencent technology, Youku did not take the initiative to shield the Baidu and Google, which is not the last one or two days, but for a long period of time. "We don’t know the exact reason".

Another person in charge of the video site

told Tencent technology, Youku is really trying to reduce traffic from search engines. This approach is the same as the campus network, Taobao, which is embedded in the site to limit the Search Spider code, the search engine will not be able to search Youku related content.

previously, Taobao Baidu incident caused a great disturbance in the shielding industry. Alibaba and Baidu so a war of words, Baidu after the poison ridden, deeply troubled by negative news. Shielding search engine topic, so many people’s attention.

, however, for Youku shielding Baidu, these people did not analyze more reasons.

to reduce traffic, only to burn less

17 on the morning of 10, science and technology Tencent called President Victor Koo telephone, refused an interview on the grounds of meeting in Shanghai. Hong Kong news spokesman Miss Hong hung on the phone, said the issue is more sensitive, the boss needs to personally explain.

subsequently, informed sources, Youku cut off search traffic may be related to cost control. Because shielding search engine, Youku network traffic will be significantly reduced the cost of broadband. In this case, the video site "crazy burn rate will be eased.

it is reported that the cost of spending in the video site, the server and bandwidth and other hardware inputs to account for more than 70%, and the other 30% is the human resources and other costs. Some of the major video sites per month in terms of bandwidth spending amounted to tens of millions of dollars, which is the root cause of the domestic video sites long-term losses.

the sources also revealed that is burn and headache. Youku is currently only a monthly bandwidth cost of up to 24 million yuan, plus a monthly marketing cost of $7 million, it burns at least 360 million yuan per year. Moreover, the bandwidth costs along with the video site flow >