email marketing can count on is the originator of the network marketing, like what ah, optimization, network advertising promotion is the younger generation.

first of all, the real mail marketing is the premise of the user’s permission to deliver some valuable content to the audience through e-mail, rather than those who sell FAPIAO people send some junk advertising. Now the world every day to send 150 billion messages, of which at least 30% of the nature of advertising, the world’s top 500 companies using e-mail marketing, e-mail usage will reach 500 million this year. China is not a lot of e-mail marketing, but the future is certainly a trend. GROUPON currently has 30 million mail, and all is through user license, like Microsoft, NOKIA and other foreign countries do is also very good, after the time to write a Microsoft EDM case, domestic once happy net with viral email did very well, but later to the old user send some message to remind the general what person sometimes feel very disgusting, and this reminder mail SNS, many domestic BBS are issued, Bing did Ambrose websites before, but basically no what, don’t know what the effect of other sites.

email marketing in the network marketing in the end there is no effect? The United States 2010 mail advertising revenue was $600 million, is expected to reach $630 million this year, these data is certainly useful, or the Americans do not spend so much money, but note that this is in the United States, China would not necessarily, because Americans are love is by mail, what the email, sometimes a word to send mail, and Chinese texting like love. And with the mail client at any time to open the mail, there will be the first time to open the mail. The previous domestic mail frequency is not many, at least Zhao Bingquan school, in addition to my attention due to network marketing, other students around basically a week can see a mailbox even if the frequency is very high, although all open outlook after work every day, but that is receiving e-mail content, what a general registration website ah, leave a mailbox are to stay private, or rarely, so sometimes EDM design is very beautiful, very useful may not be in time to see, etc. see also expired, and because there will be many similar email mailbox every time you open, most of this mail is directly deleted, even open do not open, this is probably less reason before domestic EDM do, but with the popularity of the domestic mail rate, and increase the frequency of use, email marketing now Has become a trend.

mail marketing advantage is quite obvious. The first is the low cost. Completely free, for example, to find some cracked mass mailing software, but sometimes is the cloud delivery rate. The best is to find some bulk mail platform, basically at 5 cents a letter, if the hair, for example, every month sent millions of letters, sometimes a letter is 1 cents, compared to burn bidding it is too cheap, and it provides the number of clicks, open daily number, what data conversion. QQ group