and ofo, the largest bicycle sharing and most likely to win the two game player has been firmly tied together.


in November 16th and 17, v-mobile and ofo has held a press conference, the former emphasizes product upgrades, another announced his plan as the original city share drops and excellent step, the two companies who have different temperament. Perhaps this also allows the two to choose the road is not the same: a left, focus on products; a right, focus on operations.

November 16th, v-mobile cycling held a press conference, will be under the classic "red car" made an iterative update. The improvement mainly includes the braking system into the brake disc, more sensitive, more convenient to ride; the seat is adjustable; increase the metal basket for placing articles; support to replace the plastic aluminum foot foot support.

about a month ago, v-mobile bicycle based on classical motion models, launched Mobike Lite. As the name suggests, the main feature of the new model is lightweight, compared to the weight of sports (25 kg) lighter weight of 8 kg. Behind the main hero, redesigned body material, transmission shaft for chain transmission, the tire rubber injection of human body material.

impression, bicycle itself is always the focus of the v-mobile conference. Mobell founder Hu Weiwei said, from inception to now, v-mobile has been focused on how to use technology to make vehicles more safe and reliable, v-mobile Sport Classic cycling life can reach 4 – 5 years.

Hu Weiwei appears in the v-mobile technology companies, is a technology driven company, not just a single company, Internet Co. Interviewed a number of staff in the process of v-mobile interface the reporter, they also expressed confidence in products.

product operation, market and other activities, v-mobile Chinese learned experience preferential step. Riding, riding pajamas lying brush Beijing third, riding, riding to the gym on Halloween activities… And so on… More interesting, but the product is still the core of v-mobile. Many investors have said publicly Mobell bicycle, one reason is a single investment Mobell v-mobile is the real sense of technology, product driven team.

look at ofo side, but it is another scene.

November 17th, ofo held its Inaugural Conference for the first time in two years, after the 20 cities settled in the more than and 300 colleges and universities, ofo officially entered the city business, and open the city sharing plan.

ofo in the city sharing plan, basically a continuation of the ofo on the campus of the strategy: put a number of vehicles, let city users use ofo; when the user feels ofo experience than his bike, they will be put in the hands of idle bike sharing.

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