I work in a network company, mainly responsible for customer service work. Recently, the company launched a new talent website www.lzrc365.com Liuzhou talent network, need to promote. Led me to call for enterprise to promote our website, allow enterprises to log on to our website recruitment information, in order to attract more recruiters and job seekers. I have never done the job of telemarketing before, and I don’t know how to do it. But only the scalp, touch the stones across the river.

on the Internet to search for 10 recruitment companies, record their contact information, and then call one by one. It took me 20 minutes to call, but it was a long time for me for the last 20 minutes. A lot of customer service calls to listen to the sales staff, direct refusal. Some customer service personnel to be polite, be gentle words: "feel shy, our company has filled the people." 20 minutes down, there are only two or three companies interested in it, which makes me very upset.

work is done, but the volume is very small. The author believes that the work has several harvest, in the future work must keep in mind:

1 telephone marketing must remember that customers are very busy, have their own work, hang up your phone is very normal, do not hang up the phone rarely occurs. To empathy, if you every day, so many people call to sell the product, you will be tired? You will hang up? Remember don’t beat around the Bush, the first three words must be concise, immediately attract customers.

2 after the phone must not have a psychological burden, do not follow the phone with the customer care, because the customer is not for you, the customer will receive N calls every day. It is very normal for the customer to hang up the phone. It is not disrespect for you to hang up your phone, just to say that he is going to do something else.

3 frontline sales staff is not easy, a word tired! Shortly before the outgoing channel joint letter Alibaba threat collective exit rumors do not know is true, but I think the frontline sales staff to eat the most bitter is superior, the manufacturer is really not understand, if the rumor is true and I fully support those who fight for more benefits for their own


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