many times, people will ignore the operation of an important work, that is the content of this building. The copy is one of the core work in the content construction. A very good copy of the product will be a steady stream of vitality. For example, we look at the following case, you will understand.


Scene 1: public toilet

warm tips

stepped forward a small step, a big step in civilization!

thank you for your cooperation!

scene two: public toilet

handsome Da Obama:

see this row? A little closer and closer!

are not allowed, is a technical issue, but also RP


let’s take a small step forward,


we simply look at these two copies, you can see the second copy may be more attractive to the audience, the effect is also better than the first article. Because the second is a temperature. So based on this as a very important basic work, copy of the small partners in writing a copy at the same time pay attention to what the problem?

first, learning psychology, write a copy of the temperature

all things, we expect it to be benign cycle down, so when I need to write it, we need to do is to realize the audience even psychological what. For example, just take the example, as a man, I called Obama I still willing to listen to the words at the same time, because more, a closer look is normal. So seize the audience of these two psychological nature will copy the ideas from these two aspects of Kung fu. This is logical.

second, write a sentence in line with the scene

many times the creation of the text is not out of thin air, but need to seek better performance in the existing environment. In general, the need to pay attention to: copy call kind, simple, serious, full of temptation inscribed. This is the first to attract people to see, and let others be able to see. At the same time, a good copy of the need to control a simple principle, in one word: simple and fun, catchy.

third, select a good location

borrow an example of Baidu Post Bar ah, when you look up to see this picture, I really did not see the beauty behind the king kong. But I see, when I see the text, but behind the King Kong more interested me. This is the human nature, the use of human nature, you can put their ads in a suitable position, you can play a multiplier effect.


so that the copy is very important, so the boss to copy the children.