recently visited sites found that most of the enterprises have talent in the recruitment network promotion personnel to carry out their business on the Internet, this is a good thing for the majority of the network promotion friend who can make their own ability to play and improve, of course some companies are too heavy to see the network marketing, think that as long as people with experience will soon find in fact a lot of business, from the Internet, we all know that network marketing is a long-term promotion process, requires a certain degree of accumulation was out of effect, this will introduce some practical methods to talk about network promotion:

a forum

forum is undoubtedly a very good promotion methods, choose more popular forum, carefully do a good job in the promotion of these forums, on the one hand can contribute to business transactions, on the other hand to promote the enterprise brand. The promotion, in a forum avatar, ID forum, best editing and personalized signature with their own brand, these are posting replies can converse often see things, the exposure rate is good, the topic content is not the pure nature of the advertising content, can learn from the written the same industry or soft write your own skills, at the same time the headline attractive, it will often post maintenance, a period of time to the top, it will be with the vest, and their related products of the post, will try to grab the top back, to maximize the promotion forum to show themselves, many of the details here, simply say.

two, SEO

combined with the enterprise itself and the industry, to determine the appropriate keywords, the keywords and the name of the enterprise, the brand rankings do. The method is to optimize the structure of the site itself, suitable for search engines like, to update 35 articles every day, is the company’s news, industry news, Links do about twenty or thirty and their related industries, the next step is to do the chain, forum, blog, soft text is the best place to do link.

three, Baidu and Tencent know

there are some netizens question, we have to seriously answer. List some words, enter the words, I want to answer, answer to the appropriate time to mention their own, Q & a platform ID can be the name of their company or brand name. By the way the name of the company, the name of the brand, such as encyclopedic knowledge to do, but also take seriously the promotion of Baidu and Tencent space.

four, B2B industry website

registered a number of related industries, such as web sites, product information, company information, etc., can also find their own customers in these sites, through instant messaging tools or direct telephone contact.

five, PPC and online advertising

at the appropriate time, such as the release of new products, or some large flow of words can we optimize the input-output analysis, the network advertising to do centralized PPC or popular site for a period of time of publicity, and prepare work effect >