Internet Financial identity alliance IFAA was established for the development of biometric industry standard

[TechWeb] June 19th news reports, the network trusted authentication industry alliance Internet banking branch (IFAA) announced the establishment of IFAA, belonging to the first Research Institute of the Ministry of public security and trusted network authentication industry alliance organized the relevant enterprises. The organization will focus on the future development of biometric technology industry standards.

IFAA service launched by the ants gold partner, including Samsung, HUAWEI, ZTE, OPPO, Coolpad mobile phone manufacturers, Qualcomm and other chip makers, Woqi, security vendors, manufacturers algorithm and detection mechanism of industry chain parties. In the development of relevant industry standards IFAA, the difficulty of the development of the parties will be significantly reduced.

HUAWEI security engineering minister Xu Yaxin said, to the mobile phone manufacturers, for example, different types of injuries may use different chips, sensors and security systems. Mobile phone manufacturers in order to support fingerprint recognition, the need for different models and services for differentiated adaptation, will produce a lot of extra work. Then we need a unified and perfect standard."

Woqi Communications Division Deputy General Manager Zhang Chu believes that "only the hardware manufacturers and software developers can access the biometric technology is simple and fast, convenient user can access to the frontier technology."

ant gold service security products and technical director Feng Chunpei said, "the traditional Internet do is identify the account, but the account may be stolen, the financial sector in the Internet, need to do more security, people need to identify, understand whether I was in operation." (rain)