a contest Description:

PHPCMS 2007 since the release with powerful and flexible features and ease of use to win the favor of the majority of users, using PHPCMS to establish the area and industry portal site is emerge in an endless stream. The reason why they can not modify the program under the condition of PHPCMS through the establishment of various types of large sites, because PHPCMS provides a powerful and flexible template tag function calls, so users only need to modify the template and the establishment of Chinese label can according to their own requirements call site data. In order to allow more people to understand and share PHPCMS templates to further popularize the application of PHPCMS, PHPCMS official decided to hold the PHPCMS2007 template design contest".

two, awards set

first prize: 1

1, cash $1500; 2, PHPCMS2007 portal version of a set (value of $5000); 3, PHPCMS T-shirt;

two award: the

of the 1, cash of $1000; 2, PHPCMS2007 Enterprise Edition (value of $3000); 3, PHPCMS T-shirt;

three Award:

, PHPCMS2007, a personal version of the (value of $500); 2, PHPCMS T-shirt a;


1, time arrangement works collection time: July 5, 2007 – August 15, 2007; 2, Internet voting time: August 16, 2007 to September 15, 2007; 3, the contest judges time: September 16, 2007 – September 20, 2007; 4, contest winners announced: September 21, 2007 to September 25, 2007; 5, the contest winners award date: September 26, 2007 to October 10, 2007.

  understand the contest details: http://s.phpcms.cn/skin2007/