1, Jingdong mall to set the interference code to shield a Amoy parity

August 15th price war smoke has not cleared, Amoy and Jingdong was on the mall. The day before yesterday, Amoy network announced that the Jingdong set up a mall interference code on your own website, to prevent users from parity through a scouring network’s client software wishful Amoy parity. In this regard, Jingdong mall responded that Jingdong refused to cooperate with Alibaba group Amoy, because it is difficult to ensure the fairness of the data as Jingdong’s competitors.

reporter found, wishful Amoy in dangdang.com, shop No. 1 and suning.com still can be used normally, the comparison results cannot be displayed in the Jingdong store page. A Jingdong accused of "Amoy mall move will not only destroy the wishful Amoy client software normal parity function, damage the normal operation of the basic rights of wishful Amoy, also deprived consumers understand the commodity price information."


, Jingdong Jingdong mall mall responded, has been the spirit of open attitude, maintain cooperation with Baidu, a NetEase, 360 shopping shopping Analysys, many independent third party data research company. However, we refused to cooperate with Alibaba group Amoy, because it is difficult to ensure the fairness of the data as our competitors."

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2, Tencent invested 1 billion in Wuhan to build the largest R & D center in central

QQ father, chairman and chief executive officer of Tencent Holdings Ma Huateng arrived in Wuhan last night, will witness the Tencent today in the Han invested 1 billion yuan project foundation. In an exclusive interview with this reporter, the first Han said: "in the rapid development of mobile Internet, the global Internet companies feel the pressure of the moment, look at the growth of Wuhan" mobile Internet "industry, has become a new growth point of the Tencent."

Tencent in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu have layout. Tencent Wuhan R & D center project is located in the Jiangxia District Temple Development Zone, the goat hill, plans to invest 1 billion yuan in the first phase, intends to build wireless Internet technology R & D headquarters, is expected to be completed in 2014. In this regard, Ma Huateng said: "the lack of a base in the central region. Our talents are from all over the country colleges and universities, they generally want to return to their homes nearby, convenient. We must follow the talent, which side of the talent, it is necessary to set up a base in which side. Wuhan University, many of our colleagues in this area is too much, we are willing to come here. This is a great opportunity.

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