The application of

(App) recommended a number of websites, do limit free information on the website is also a lot of application store shop website is also a lot of — but the news today that chomp may become one of the most successful. Because it was bought by apple.

According to

Techcrunch, which has just completed the acquisition, chomp was founded in November 2009, from the beginning they chose to walk on two legs, only do iOS Store is App Android Market, and on the two platforms have launched their own client. Chomp also has a cooperation with the U.S. operator Verizon, which provides the search service for Android applications.

Apple’s acquisition of the company, may be looking at the back of its search technology and data, the use of these enough to transform App Store search results. To some extent, to avoid cheating, brush ranking, fraud procedures and other acts. "Pokemon (pseudo)" this embarrassing problem can be solved by social recommendation engine.


as for the conventional function of the Chomp, in fact, many of the recommendations of the domestic theme than it does better:

free daily application (recommended 720, updated every day)

hot trends list (recommended 100, which contains the Yelp, Twitter and other ancient application)

The application of

(a complete list ranking; the list contains 481623


best Twitter application; (contains 100 Twitter applications)

latest shelves applications (recommended 4071, updated every day)

of course, most of the applications are suitable for the tastes of U.S. users, not for Hong Kong service, national service, Japanese clothes to do a separate recommendation.

for Chomp’s existing 20 employees, they are very lucky, because soon will be Apple’s work card. We can expect that this will cause many investors to use the recommended website interest. The spring of social recommendation engine is coming.