small partners are good, recently I was in New Zealand vacation this week, the southern hemisphere is the winter to spring, but still a little cold and rainy. Fortunately, there is no day there is fog and haze, ha ha ~ do not envy jealous hate, take advantage of the opportunity to let the opportunity to burst the teacher to talk about the Internet here.

I’m serious about a list of questions you’d like to know, and I urge you all to be responsible.

What is the difference between New Zealand and the New Zealand


there is no difference, the former is English which is the literal translation transliteration, New (NZ) Zealand (New Zealand), New Zealand, Hongkong Taiwanese love call, people used to call new zealand. But here a long time, the Chinese will change called new zealand.

what’s the difference between the New Zealand Internet and China,


from my point of view, the New Zealand Internet focus on getting more information than online games / shopping. The main reasons are as follows:

– New Zealand Internet costs than Chinese high, basic home that unlimited broadband fee of RMB 400 or more, the cost of mobile traffic 2G is about RMB100 yuan (prepay- pre charge, run out of charge), so the teacher will go to the shopping mall explosion rub network


I’m in the net… .

– Foreigners generally prefer to read, more than online shopping / games, in addition to the preference for outdoor sports (cherish life away from the network: -)

– a small population (4 million +), the overall amount of the page is low, a lot of Internet information from Australia and the United Kingdom (content can be generic)

– smart terminal popularity is not high, unlike the domestic staff of a iPhone or Galaxy, simple and brutal old NOKIA model is still a favorite of foreigners (durable- durable)

New Zealand’s e-commerce developed


may prefer the adjective is more suitable than developed, from a technical point of view, the country can do this can be done here, technical barriers, habits. Because New Zealand’s foreigners are more interested in the auction (auction) rather than pricing electricity supplier". The highest flow site here is, similar to Taobao (not exactly). Is C2C and B2C together, but Taobao is not the same, so that we do not love a price of the transaction price 1 yuan, bidding (bidding) are more popular. Perhaps new Zealanders prefer to order bargain and enjoy the bidding process.


so in New Zealand