Amoy fence apology screenshot


technology news November 13th morning news, digital products trading website Amoy fence 13 am on the site of the infringing content issued a statement of apology, saying all infringing content will be deleted, and halt the disputed "Upload" activities.

Amoy fence recently on the line "upload a gift" activity, allowing users to upload documents and obtain the reward, a large number of users to get the reward and upload a lot of pirated content.

in this regard, best-selling author Lu Qi (micro-blog), "Tomb notes" writer Nanpai Sanshu (micro-blog) combined with 22 writers through Sina micro-blog ( issued a joint statement, "said Chinese all writers have the most dangerous moment", accused Amoy fence wanton steal text, using their original dream to the reader. To date, the micro-blog has been forwarded more than 4000 times, and triggered a heated discussion.

Amoy fence followed by an emergency official micro-blog opened a Sina account issued a statement of apology, said in 48 hours Naylor made illegal sellers of infringing goods shelves, and that has been removed for tens of thousands of documents, to the original bring harm to apologize. At the same time Amoy fence on the evening of 12 has conducted the "upload polite" activities, and be rewarded for reporting infringement of digital content.


group and Wasu television media group announced in June 29th this year to jointly invest 100 million yuan to set up a joint venture company of Taobao China, and Amoy fence is one of the two major business in China Taobao, located in the digital products share trading platform. All areas according to the plan will cover the Amoy fence of digital products, including video, music, books, network literature, educational resources, software and games etc..

The specific operation mode of

Amoy fence is that will open up a sub channel area and independent website in home page, by "Taobao China" company responsible for the operation of, "Amoy fence" sub channels and independent external website, will still use platform before the business model. Operated by China Taobao responsible for other transactions, the payment system adopts Taobao existing trading platform process. (Zhang Xiaonan)

below is the full text of the statement:

recently Amoy online line of the upload ceremony activities, allowing users to upload documents and get rewards, but some of the pirated content in the user uploaded documents. For this event, Amoy fence hereby declare as follows:

1, we are very sorry to bring you harm, we repeatedly stressed that in the event of the uploaded content copyright, upload the copyright consciousness weak so we feel very shocked, we have removed tens of thousands of documents, but still bring you harm, we apologize;

2, we have in the evening of 12 halted the event. Amoy fence will take the initiative to clear.