"80% net sales of cosmetics is fake" rumors of a net sales of cosmetics to raise a Babel of criticism of consumers, and constantly questioned. Recently, the Beijing Daily reporter interview, mystery cleared the low net sales of cosmetics.


Rumors of a popular

smuggled goods Cuanhuo

smuggled goods and Cuanhuo is a common phenomenon of domestic online cosmetics industry.

in the course of the investigation, the anonymity of the well-known South Korean cosmetics responsible person said that the current electricity supplier in the domestic market, the company only with Lasafo, jumei.com and Tmall mall signed authorization, but in taobao.com and some large open platform B2C, the brand has become selling products.

according to the person in charge of the company in the last year of B2C business platform for the sale of the company’s products and Taobao small sellers of sampling results show that from taobao.com in a sample of 50% of the goods are fake, from the B2C platform business samples are mainly smuggled goods and goods, but the appearance of fake products the rate is not high.

Influence of

on Cuanhuo on brands and smuggled goods, the responsible person said that many foreign brands started to enter the Chinese in time have experienced a period of more than licensed smuggled goods, because at that time the overall volume is small, a great impact on enterprise.

"the market two or three years ago, more than all of our products are 70% smuggled goods." But with the increase of genuine sales, the impact of smuggled goods will become small.


two bottles of adulterated blending rumors really rampant

days ago, the media exposed the business enterprise get genuine cosmetics, using 1:5 or 1:9 ratio of dilution, and by recycling bottle really adulteration. In this regard, the reporter interviewed a number of cosmetics companies responsible person, said media reports exaggerated.

is a famous Cleansing Cream brand responsible person said, whether it is lefeng.com or jumei.com, sales are in million units, annual sales of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of bottles in bottle, if the use of blending filling way of fraud, to satisfy the sales of these enterprises need at least establish a special repurchase of empty bottles, counterfeiting the team, it is not easy to operate. "Middleman but does not exclude individual brand from fraud, the cosmetics electricity supplier for product storage inspection more stringent, but not to the extent of each bottle will be seized, some illegal intermediaries reap profits from loopholes."


large electric blending system is difficult to fake, but really bottle of adulterated, blending mixing selling has become the survival of some Taobao sellers. According to informed sources, at present there are people who buy cheap shelf life is approaching the mask in the market, to break into the market after processing, taobao.com and some less well-known cosmetics website is the main channel of its sales.


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