Beijing February 17th news (Wang Hongjuan) the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported on Thursday that the Canadian government website on Thursday, the government suffered repeated illegal intrusion and network attacks, two key government departments and was forced to interrupt the network connection, resulting in many business to. These reports alluding to hacker attacks from Chinese.

              the Board (Treasury) on Thursday issued a brief statement to confirm the above cyber attacks. But the statement did not disclose more details. Treasury spokesman Jay Denney said: "when a hacker attack occurred, some government employees found that they could not connect to the network."

            Canadian Broadcasting Corporation quoted in the report, "senior sources" as saying that these hackers are believed to come from China, although there is no conclusive evidence. The report said the hackers had succeeded in hacking into the internal web site of the Canadian Finance and Treasury Committee and breaking into the work of several government officials. At present, the information to see, the purpose of these hackers seem to want to steal the password into the government information database.

            the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation also acknowledged in the report, we can not determine whether these hackers really come from Chinese, maybe other countries hackers used Chinese server. Reported that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service suggested that government officials should not be linked to these hackers with China, it is best not to talk about the matter openly.