new B2B business platform, Xinbao automobile announces A+ round of 40 million yuan financing, investment for Beijing, Hangzhou, the concept of selective bit capital, the latest valuation of 200 million yuan. According to the investment community, province Xinbao obtained 7 million 100 thousand yuan A round of financing in June 19, 2015, in Beijing, is also the main bit A round investors.

Chongqing province Xinbao Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Liu Yi

it is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used for the company team building and product development, and marketing and other aspects, province Xinbao auto CEO Liu Yi said the next focus of the work will be to solve the dealer transaction security, two 4S shop inventory core pain points.

according to the investment community, province Xinbao car was founded in October 2014, belongs to Chongqing province Xinbao Technology Co. Ltd., mainly related to car platform trading, logistics and transport, car finance and other three core business segments. The use of car B2B car Xinbao trading mode is

car search quote feature, which changed the traditional car dealer level two transaction model, and became the leading online car sales platform. Today, the province Xinbao car user has covered 18 provinces, 685 cities, 1532 counties, more than 6 thousand average monthly matching of automobile trade.

It is reported that

, CEO and Liu Yi have experience, Xinbao rich media and communications industry, automobile industry.