a website to promote, to build their own brands, we must first have a better content, better than a good user experience. If you can not do this, don’t website or sites such as well point out further information, or to change jobs! Here are some website promotion way I summary.

1 collect email addresses from various news websites and submit news to them. Think more about other people’s news can be published, find more news. Conditional best can have a good at public relations, or do a reporter, good at writing news, do this thing (


2 has been the focus of your news editor. After the news can be sent to them, or even news alone.

3 there is a thing called blackboard newspaper, BLOG, specifically to record the news of the enterprise, GOOGLE is like this. So you can build two columns, one is your own blackboard newspaper, one is someone else’s blackboard. Others in the blackboard to help others record the news, others will also be recorded in their blackboard news or your website.

4 in the diglog, recommend your article zhuaxia and functions of website, if your article is good, to the front row to bring traffic is quite considerable


5 forum in the promotion of the site, useful point of mind, do not direct advertising. It is best to initiate a topic that draws a heated discussion (no one can say that you can’t make it yourself)

6 Baidu post bar, ask it. Find the relevant post bar, like the forum to promote. Ask, find the relevant topic, answer back to your site after the connection

7 with RSS promotion, to introduce you to RSS, subscribe to many people, the chance of turning back will be much larger.

8 for the forum related to cooperation with you, do not have to find each site’s advertising department or the webmaster, a lot of things you can fix, but also cheaper, more fertilizer. For example, you are the creative activities Home Furnishing website, you can find various websites and other related topics are moderators, let them introduce about your site (don’t make too much like advertising, it should be like to share the feeling of something) or set the cream to the top


10 to keep up with the pace of the times, like WEB2.0 the most fire, as long as your site is WEB2.0, a lot of blogger will spontaneously introduce you. Like a female friend to buy clothes, like what is popular recently, they will say, will say which is the style.

11 cooperation with related sites, complementary resources. Cooperation is the future.

12 put your entrepreneurial history as Sister Lotus body, The path winds along mountain ridges. to portray themselves as business, stars, the stars will always be more support, especially FANS, are you free lunches.

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