There are many reasons for the failure of

network marketing and not ideal, there are macro, micro, but from the specific operational level, the main reasons are the following:

a marketing method is too simple


do not understand these network marketing will inevitably fail

is now the network marketing companies do, most only took three measures: the first one is called the Baidu auction, this is the money to buy the search engine ranking; second strokes called SEO (Chinese called search engine optimization), which is by means of technology in the search engine rankings obtained; a third called psoriasis advertising, now our life is almost surrounded by advertising, everywhere can see advertisements, especially those with psoriasis small ads everywhere. While many companies do on the network, is still the continuation of the idea: in the forums, in Post Bar hair, in Baidu know, in the classification of information on the site, in the supply and demand information on the site, in the QQ group, by email, by micro-blog, through WeChat, etc..

This is the result of three

only, we are all in the same channel of competitive bidding, the feeling, the effect is not good. For example, only 100 of the country’s production of bread enterprises, competition is not fierce? The answer is yes, the bread business, more than a thousand million! If there is 100, it is too moist.

if the 100 bread factory, only 20 do network marketing, we have Baidu bidding, bidding all the same word, all want to bid to the first, imagine the word competition is not fierce? The answer is yes. Although only 20 companies do network marketing, but only one of the first ah, the 20 companies compete for a position, of course, fierce competition.

, for example, one bakery enterprises, there is a SEO master, the master SEO ranked first in Hebei Province, the people do not think about the level of beef cattle? But the expert helped the company to do SEO optimization, such as the word "bread wholesale", even Baidu are not ranked top 30 in. Because China has more than and 30 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government.

many companies are aware that the product is differentiated, competitive. In fact, far more than is product differentiation, marketing methods and channels should also pay attention to the difference. For example, we have to do SEO, it is not good to do, because Baidu results page only shows 10 results. If there are 20 enterprises to optimize the same keywords, will be very competitive; if there is a word with the optimization of 100 enterprises, it will be quite intense; if there is a word with the optimization of 200 enterprises, it is tragic; if there are 500 home optimization with a word that is not just. See.

In fact, there are many kinds of

network marketing methods, not only these three.

two, marketing methods useless for