obviously, in most cases, creative work is more attractive than any other young people looking forward to advertising. Many people think that advertisements do not understand all the advertising people are creative, in fact, to some extent this understanding is correct, but in fact, due to the development of the industry for a long time, the post also is subdivided, all some work looks just like a far cry from the creative.

and some practitioners in the advertising industry for some time, because the daily affairs of grinding for a long time, but also began to creative concept began to blur. Some people think that the customer service department is project management and message, do not need to do creative etc.. It is certainly not so, the art of our most engaged in business activities, virtually everyone should be the romantic artist. I mentioned in the previous article, in the advertising company to work is not a simple answer to the customer’s problem is so simple, but not the students to hand in homework, even if the. All work should be creative. What is the idea,


creativity is creativity

in the simplest terms, the idea is to create something that has not been seen before. Human creative power is very high, from the original start, and now we have a tall buildings, high-speed aircraft, the Internet, artificial intelligence, which are from scratch to achieve. Those who want to imagine these things, and slowly practice, to make them all out of the people, called creative master.

advertising is the same. Customers give us a cup of coffee, we can create a "relaxation time every afternoon," or "city lounge" concept. This is "out of thin air" let the consumer to contact to never see, or never see the concept of work.

of course, this kind of creativity should be supported by basic skills. For example, to have a better aesthetic, to have an accurate understanding of customer psychology and consumer psychology and grasp, but also have sufficient imagination, as well as accurate expression. These are missing, there may be something to do with the problem.

from product packaging, to pricing, to the channel, publicity, each link is the performance of creativity. Also show a marketing person, or the ad to the pursuit of a different.

so, if the customer gives us a cup of coffee, we give out or "this is a cup of coffee", then don’t call creativity. This is the fundamental difference between good ideas and bad ideas. If you can only repeat the needs of the customer, even if it is simple, then talk about the literature, can not be called a creative, just copy reprocessing.

from this point of origin to say, do copywriting and design work, of course, far more than the contents of the customer to write, draw. But on this basis, the divergence of art, may affect consumer psychology along the direction to spread, and then gives a pair of new works. The so-called unprecedented, not to curry favour by claptrap with "originality, but".

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