Not long ago, WeChat

has been sitting on 270 million users, so WeChat breaking 300 million users is easier than buying Xinjiang nut cake.

long ago, Xiao Bian wrote an article [nuggets in WeChat’s friends], which introduced several WeChat services, including the Department of beauty.

but on the afternoon of December 10th, Xiao Bian received two rather baffling skin information exchange: test.

It seems that

should be a wrong thing, probably because there is a small eat xinjingdantiao under Xinjiang nut cake, accidentally made a mistake.

but then a little over an hour later, Xiao Bian also received a WeChat beauty exchange:

congratulations to you, your skin is meeting today "winning users, today received skin exchange 3" test "users can receive 100 yuan cash coupon" beauty exchange "(no spending limit); two received" test "users, 22:00 today, in the" beauty exchange "WeChat mall success shopping will be based on 100 yuan package on the free 1 16cmQQ dolls; received a" test "users, each receive $78 worth of Korean original authentic skinfactory mask set. Limited time, fast action


you may think this is a good public relations crisis, not only to solve the problem, but also into the activities, that is, to enhance the brand image, but also get everyone’s favorite. More on the future WeChat push not offensive, threefold.


but is that true? Think about it again! What seems to be wrong?

let small make up to the reader analysis and analysis of this marketing tool!

as everyone knows, all the public number day uniform only sending three messages, and sending packet can be selected according to the area or mass, can be divided into male and female group, but only three of the mass of information, according to the group or gender group is enough points. For tens of thousands or even about one hundred thousand fans of WeChat large, not a micro channel, that is how the human cost of things!

so two "test" and an active WeChat made a total of three, so almost no fans will receive a separate test, but will not receive the three test".

received two "test" can get what? According to the story of each character of the WeChat skin sink slowly chewing and swallowing food, may also fall into this trap inside marketing. Many fans are the second and the first meaning confused, thought can consume, and send doll! This is how a thing worth


it’s a shame