WAL-MART shares 1 shop has completed the transaction, the two teams have been carried out docking, the two sides will cooperate in the supply chain, logistics and other aspects of their own brand merchandise.

related transactions have been completed, of course, to disclose specific figures. The two sides of the relevant team has started a business docking." 1, shop chairman just yesterday told the "First Financial Daily reporters, the two sides should expand concrete cooperation in the sharing of resources of suppliers, warehousing and logistics, for example, WAL-MART has a strong supply chain and many suppliers, so the two sides will share the resources. At present, 1 stores have more than and 90 distribution sites in the 27 national city, and the 70% is its own logistics and distribution, logistics and distribution capacity is very powerful, online shopping needs strong logistics capabilities backing, so for WAL-MART, do not rule out once carry out online shopping channels, sharing Shop No. 1 Logistics resources can.

at the end of this year, 1 stores will continue to expand distribution sites, plans to reach hundreds of sites in more than and 30 cities." Just disclosed, and in terms of commodities, WAL-MART has its own brand, so the future will consider cooperation with WAL-MART to sell its own brand of goods.

just said that currently the No. 1 store sales of goods 120 thousand, the recent mobile phone client pocket Shop No. 1 "launched a new shopping mode -" virtual supermarket ", if the effect of mobile phone shopping promotion mode is good, the future in this channel also does not exclude the possibility of cooperation with WAL-MART.

WAL-MART said, in addition to shop No. 1 cooperation, it will also actively in China to try to develop their own online shopping business, the electronic commerce has decided to China district headquarters of WAL-MART in Shanghai, but this shop No. 1 cooperation does not conflict, WAL-MART had been part of Sam’s club in the electronic commerce to manage the test. It is reported that WAL-MART’s sales in China accounted for nearly 10% of the proportion of international business, increase e-commerce channels are considered to be an important breakthrough in WAL-MART’s business growth in china.