everyone from the media, micro business, do purchasing and so on, in short is always active in these words around us, for the guest a lot of strange impression on buddha. After that time, the development of the industry and the idea of Amoy than before with a big change. It is also because the guest for the novice in the attractiveness of declining, so that novices ignore this a good way to make money. For the guest, different people have different views, these are just as well, even if the micro business nowadays fiery quarrel, you can ensure that everyone can earn money. Apparently not, for now the guest, I think we are more is to develop an operation on the "discipline" for their use of these, I think any novice can slowly grow up. But it all depends on the execution.

discipline: promotion can not be conservative. Because the search industry reshuffle in the past rely on the long tail keywords drainage is more and more difficult, and now Baidu continues to emphasize the value of this for a guest nature of the site, the operation cost is too high. Therefore, to ensure that the basic value (not Baidu K off) in the case, you have to go to the excavation of different forms of promotion. Whether it is a shopping list or red group, promotion means can no longer be limited to the traditional drainage transfer transactions, this will only make yourself lose patience, so that they lose their chance.

discipline two: respect for old customers, promote the two transaction. Compared to the cost of access to the flow has been much improved, so in addition to innovative means of drainage, the transaction has been close to the friends as far as possible to retain and precipitation. Like dress up, and so on, they will use the QQ group and some of the WeChat large (dress up class) will keep their precise users, in order to follow the use of. This is a method, other means we can expand according to their own circumstances. In the past we don’t pay much attention to the two buy traffic, is just about the so-called conversion rate, grab the former purchasing power is also a place can not be overlooked.

discipline three: the use of channels must be diversified. Now more social products, we can use as much as possible. After all, a flow of movement where there is the potential value of the transaction, as early as the size of micro-blog, through the potential hot spot mining commodities, then pushed to users so that they choose to buy, the prototype of WeChat also began to amoy. Now is a time to pay attention to the exchange of resources of the product, if you also think as before that the source of the flow of a port can be a product to do so, then the most hurt can only be their own.

discipline four: product selection is the most important. Now the electricity supplier platform for the development of a very mature, plus the price war Gesanchaiwu, basically can meet the daily needs of everyone. So for some types of products, we’d better not do it, there is no efficiency. Instead, we should tap into the consumer market but not everyone’s attention, such as automotive supplies, and now the popularity of vehicles is very high