some time ago on the network have been rumors Taobao will build electric city yesterday, home finally in the website posted a notice, officially began recruiting in the presence of businesses. Notice that, as long as the seller can join, is not limited to Taobao’s B2C or C2C sellers. Settled Taobao merchants need to submit 10 thousand yuan of the entire security deposit, signed an agreement, and the staff can be stationed after the audit.

can be stationed in the city of electrical appliances, Taobao listed household appliances, laptops, mobile communications and other commonly used appliances.

notice requirements clearly pointed out that all advertisers must have formal documents, the sales of products to support three bags, UNPROFOR and other formal purchase channels, must be. The postage for buyers is very concerned about the problem, notice stipulates that all the shelves in the city of Taobao electric products must be free postage, the shop itself needs to join the consumer protection plan.

Taobao, the relevant staff said, as one of Taobao’s best-selling category, has been very prosperous. Consumers have been hoping to find electrical products of high quality and low price, the majority of consumers are very concerned about whether the support of the national three package, quanguolianbao. In order to comply with this demand, Taobao electric city came into being. All the city electrical goods have to undergo a rigorous audit, which is n3208c.

in fact, after the collective price of express, Taobao to establish an independent distribution center on the hustle and bustle of the cloud. According to the news on the Internet, the distribution center and a logistics company in Shanghai, mainly for Taobao electric city services, to provide the seller with the storage of goods, the national distribution services. At present, the distribution center has been basically completed, in a state of initial operation.

Taobao Electric City, which means that the pace of Taobao to further accelerate the pace of B2C, will directly compete with Jingdong mall and other well-known B2C companies.

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