two years in the Internet, the rise of the media sector called a circle concept.

called the "circle", the essence is to have common interests and common pursuit of ideals, in their respective fields each have unique dry cargo this group together to form a group, or his fans together to form a circle.


then, the organizers can expand their marketing within the circle, the circle members communicate with each other to share their views and experiences, finally, make money easily earned, want to gain a lot of dry cargo to expand contacts, also reached the end, anyway, we all get what they need, to live happy.

After all

in the network on the formation of community is virtual, everyone can not see each other, emotional communication between members or not the line of communication come true, then you need to put the virtual community into reality in this community, Guangzhou, laomai share some of their own thoughts.

1, community positioning

this is very important, if your position is no threshold or very low, the dragons and fishes jumbled together more people, not good management is easy to do so to the high-end community The atmosphere was foul., high quality, high threshold requirements, after either offline or online group activities, can guarantee the handy, responsible for this is the group member.

2, social management honor

can be part of a trustworthy person, it is set to become moderator or group management, usually responsible for managing the group order, we a month or six months, a selection of the best management, for they awarded honorary certificates, trophies, cash rewards, real rewards, stimulate their motivation and enthusiasm.

3, caring community members

is an organized community than cold no popularity, we want to create a sense of belonging to each community member, group members due to the payment of benefits, such as souvenirs, coupons, mascots, holiday gifts, branded LOGO or web site Memorial service…… Through small activities in the form of extraction.

4, social gathering activities

through the organization of the scene of the party, salon or club form, put together, face to face communication, so that the emotion is better than the network voice, text is better.

The only drawback is that the

community members from all corners of the country, far apart from each other, it is not too easy to organize. Old wheat that is not what is now the traffic is convenient, can be considered in the party members are concentrated in Guangzhou City, such as the organization, called on members of the surrounding Zhongshan, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Dongguan, Huizhou city to attend.

5, community outdoor activities

organizes the members of the group who have common interests together