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History and characteristics of


> > > > what is OKR?

OKR is the abbreviation of Objective & Key Results, the Chinese meaning of the target and key results. Key objectives and key outcomes are needed to focus on a number of issues in the development of an enterprise or a team or individual.


> > > > OKR history

OKR is the earliest founder, former CEO Andy · Intel; grove, he has two books more famous, is the "first class", grove to managers, the other is a "swim to the shore:" Autobiography of Andy grove. In the "first class", grove to manager he talked about how he succeeded in creating a OKR story. "O" means in his definition: where we are going, that is the question of direction. "KR" is to determine how to achieve the goal of the target after the need to do a few things, things to achieve the goal is reached.

OKR really into the public eye becomes popular, inseparable from the use and promotion of Google. The introduction of OKR to Google is a man named John Toure, who was in charge of Intel’s Intel. When creating the two Google founders Larry page and Sergei brin · distance management this thing is very far, so John Toure will introduce OKR to their use, so Google has been using OKR since the establishment of this set of management tools. Google uses Silicon Valley, including other companies, to start using OKR.

> > > > seven characteristics of ORK (


OKR is suitable for the company, department and individual, but the company, department and individual OKR must agree, and have a clear theme word. In the allocation of time to the first level of the company and then the sector level after the individual level

in OKR, target (O) not more than five, the key results under each component (KR) not more than four, according to a conventional quarter to develop

OKR objectives and results can be quantified, "O" can not be quantified, but KR must be quantified, and must comply with the principle of "SMART"