news June 20th, Betta TV Tencent led B round of investment of over one hundred million dollars in financing in March this year, after the completion of the financing Tencent will reach the depth of cooperation, which also makes the industry’s first live Betta sit China position. The frequent occurrence of fish can, great benefits the Tencent did not enjoy in terms of investment after the fighting, the investment of $100 million or so will "dashuipiao". It is the result of previous investments Betta Sequoia Capital intends to retire.


previously, due to the popularity of LOL platform, Betta anchor Yi Miss generation events become the focus of the whole industry, as the parties involved for the punishment of Betta light, causing the user dissatisfaction, once the user rating in App Store on the betta brush into 1 stars. In the face of all the evidence, the Arab Israeli pressure to admit a large number of buyers to buy a dozen, and a formal apology. During the period, originally wanted to borrow under the "race track" program Ayi generation events washed investment Tencent also unfortunately suffered embarrassment.


should come to an end, and broke the game host lol building condemned Betta TV (3-6 months) and long-term wage arrears, lead to a lot of micro-blog had to anchor away once again let fish stood in the teeth of the storm. In addition, including hearthstone anchor Changan de Ronnie and board Niang also quit too adorable to join rival Huya Betta live. It also makes fish back "wages" enterprise’s notoriety, resulting in more aspects of the game host "deserted" churn phenomenon is extremely serious.

The loss of

users not only in the game broadcast. Betta TV for user resources, and its anchor indulgence engage in bad pornography and other produce, harvest a lot of popularity and users. But in the "Beijing webcast" self-discipline convention after the release of "good day" at the end of the fish, so the number of popular anchor was blacklisted as platform was the Ministry of culture and.

in addition, Betta is more dominated the country’s first live gaming infringement case, Betta unauthorized, broadcast of the 2015 DOTA2 Asian Invitational, constitute unfair competition due to Shanghai court known production compensation totaling 1 million 100 thousand yuan.

overall, anchor industry has experienced a growth spurt, now tend to slow and steady development, in the industry competition, and lost the people from aspects of macropodus. In the monthly broadband costs amounted to 30 million yuan or so under the condition of the Tencent led a $100 million investment is only about a year, while maintaining the broadcast platform to burn war fierce difficult to sustain long-term. The Tencent may be "empty". (Bodhi)