enterprise network marketing step by step, the second step website promotion

      on the "enterprise marketing step by step – the first step to do your site," a text, today and we discuss the issue of website promotion. There are many ways to promote the network, but I stressed the need to go straight. Site traffic may give you a moment of heresy, but that what is the use of enterprise website, not the pursuit of flow, in order to establish a corporate brand image, product sales to two. At present, many sites use a number of mass garbage information to get traffic, but those are the personal website in order to peddle traffic to get advertising revenue before the use of the way. Not for corporate marketing with the website promotion way to generalize.

      1) search engine promotion method

      this is the way, the search engine is the first source of Internet users to find information, when your site is built, the first thing is to submit your site to search engines. Submit a home page link is enough, the search engine is crawling spiders can search your website. In this regard, the network business opportunities have been a lot of related posts, such as the "search engine registry Daquan," the site to promote a large collection of

      2) B2B website login method    
      the B2B preferred website is Ali’s father, HC, et al. Universal login information is not needed enterprise cost, when you need to use the additional services they will charge (don’t know remember, a few months ago I had featured a). Ali’s father through the integrity of the same kind of service, do not have to use their own business decisions, this I have not tried. There are similar B2B related sites can also go to see. Comparison of enterprises in the supply and demand information, the use of B2B is still very high. This type of information to estimate the future of network business opportunities will be provided free of charge.

      3) industry website promotion method
      according to the enterprise’s industry, to find relevant industry portal at hand, these industry websites provide information dissemination services, also provide advertising services. In the release of information while leaving the company’s Web site and enterprise information.

      4) regional extension method  
      according to the location of the enterprise to determine the customer’s