In fact, if

, from a more rigorous description, we all need judgment given boundary conditions, for example, only for the public service and products, or distribution is relatively wide, not to focus on a small population, it comes to obtain traffic problems; for example, for the existence of unique technical barriers, intellectual property rights the threshold of the product, or other hard copy of the special attributes (such as the 12306 has a monopoly of resources, or have the exclusive copyright licensing products), word of mouth free, maybe it will not flow to get a question.

but for most entrepreneurs, I am sorry, often do not have such boundary conditions; and, even if it has some unique resource platform, often also take traffic operations as an important daily work, for example, the Imperial Palace’s micro-blog and WeChat public number, it’s unique enough, they sell write scripts for social media adorable very pretty enough, don’t say I have the exclusive resources to play with you cold, you love to watch love coming.


skill tree continues today

2, market decision making and decision making

many grassroots entrepreneurs, particularly interesting, particularly sensitive to traffic operations, there is a very strong ability to access the user.

for many years, the so-called dumpster said, high-end and elite crowd estimates have not heard, some grassroots webmaster, through a simple collector, grab a quick industry website, do stand, quick release, through a variety of internal and external chain SEO, included fast search engine, search traffic, and then the flow of advertising is realized, with luck, in Admin5 webmaster trading area looking for a rich man to sell fast cash.

are interested in Baidu keyword collector, the business is still there.

have the interest to go to the Admin5 website trading area, the old posts read carefully.


later after various scripts WeChat up, all kinds of marketing, a lot of the way is also so, users and traffic where they where.


I also know many entrepreneurs, their entrepreneurial goal is extremely simple, where they flow, where shear flow, earn advertising fees, few people really put the model to go through, that flow can be accumulated, the formation of product, form a fixed pattern, then expand, become the value of the business, but a very high proportion, struggling to do this today, tomorrow to do that, don’t make money, money can not see the situation.

if the entrepreneur to enter a large-scale, continuous profitable stage, must have a clear understanding of the market, we only target some previous criticism, there is no means of entrepreneurs, so if there is no goal, only means, it is difficult to make a career.

market awareness

into the field of rapid growth, rather than saturation even