Internet world is changing gradually change rapidly in seemingly saturated market, and a new station, how to attract a lot of visitors to lead and to take off a hidden out of it, this is a worthy of learning knowledge. After many webmaster, a good movie station in this market, but also because the site of the big movie opponent too much in the field with some "monopoly" status and flinch. Today, I come up with their own how to promote their own experience and share the movie website to share. People only five points, "genius, talent, genius, wood, slave", today I prefer Yu Guicai method.

first, for the connection. This is a connection, it is very important that you connect to the key words and your site name, it is easy to remember, if the other party feel good, the next time you may directly search your site name. For example, your site name is the 5678 movie, you can talk with some navigation station advertising connection, navigation station a lot, like, and so on, connected with the "advertising words 5678 movie" because my domain name is this method is the most simple, but good results.

know the second, attract the audience’s attention, you can buy a PR4 5 domain, and its connection with some of the larger flow site exchange connection words can choose some seductive words, like "peach movie, movie" and the like, this is a great way to see. Not a small effect in the short term, this is just an example, you can also choose to search a large amount of words you think to make the connection. But the word is very important, to be able to attract people’s eyes.

third ways to use a lot of people, from some of the famous movie website to attract some tourists come, will become a frequent visitor to their website. Often to sites like Youku potatoes to release video, in the video connection to your web site address, we often see which part of the TV series, will often see at the end of the part, the "pre look set, please go to the web site".

moreover, choose a good player, Youku player is great, more and more people use Nora, my 5678dy is fast, it is downloaded in current episode, will automatically help us to download the next set, this design is very user-friendly, eliminating the waiting time. The audience to see the film to feel smooth, naturally in your heart to give you the movie station points. For the audience, the most critical point of a movie station is the basic requirements: the film is complete, updated quickly, clear and smooth. This is the concept of "quality" in our manufacturing industry.

mentioned that the film quickly complete, persevere update is very important, want to run a website requires a lot of patience and diligence, and now the movie website backstage basically has some more perfect functions, such as automatic updates, update the movie >