Admin5 station network August 29th news, the afternoon of August 27th, 2011 Shanxi Internet webmaster General Assembly held in Taiyuan Golden Port Hotel, the conference hosted by the Admin5 station network, Internet entrepreneurs jointly organized by the club, phpwind, Shanxi rock network, Tao Jin old West Network Co, from Shanxi province around the 400 owners, Internet business representatives and guests attended the meeting, the leadership of the Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, the Standing Committee of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Provincial Association for science and Technology Information Association Deputy Secretary General Wang Zhongyi, Liu Xingliang and other well-known Internet experts and guests attended the meeting, stationmaster net to the meeting of the entire video broadcast.

2011 Shanxi Internet webmaster general assembly to "innovation and win-win cooperation" as the theme, focus on how to integrate the development of traditional industries, the local community and the vertical operation of several major theme positioning and network, the Internet industry elite gathered in Shanxi and representative enterprises, on the network status and development trend of Shanxi, market positioning, business operation mode, channel conflict and channel integration of industry of common concern topic summit dialogue, academic exchanges and experience sharing, Congress also received strong support from the Shanxi news network and other units.

Deputy Secretary General of Shanxi province

information society chairman Wang Zhongyi said in his speech to the Conference welcomed the Secretary General Wang Zhongyi said the Shanxi Internet number increased, but the site quality remains to be improved, the Internet industry should integrate resources and business cooperation can play advantage, and that good policy environment is a prerequisite for the development of the Internet, he the use of their own advantages to make efforts for the Internet industry.

Internet expert Liu Xingliang delivered a keynote speech that the development trend of the Internet is four: social, localization, mobile, instant! Liu Xingliang on the Internet profound insights and humorous language to win applause from time to time.

Wang said in a speech to stationmaster is the catalyst for the development of the Internet, Shanxi needs such a strengthening interaction platform, Shanxi webmaster to build a harmonious, atmosphere of unity, but also for the young Internet webmaster firmly take the road of faith. Graph king Congsan aspects of personal webmaster how entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial practice direction (localization) (execution) three aspects, elaborated how entrepreneurship entrepreneurial mindset of individual owners, individual owners how entrepreneurship has important significance in the process of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial experience to share the time

Shanxi Yan Tao network, puts forward 3 suggestions: 1 business owners to do, how can Naiganduo great things; 2: how much money do much about money; 3: look for the things you want to do and stick to it.

development opportunities in e-commerce and challenges discussions, world merchants network CEO Wang Junlong, Shanxi businessman Liu Wenbin, CEO Pan Jun, founder of Shanxi easou cool network CEO>