on behalf of the Wuhan IT circle colleagues deplored the "cow was mop.com, as follows:

      1, Liu Ren has grown from a IT writer has become a focus of speculation IT practitioners, each blog all listed stocks, may have the despair of Thousand Oaks, also has been unable to Donews, simply from the bull market in the capital to earn pension.

      blog system 2, Donews has often visit, information is also a few months a few core column theory, Blog, 365key home page are not updating the few, founding help technical personnel already received from the DoNews to the backward technology, never keep up, also estimated at the same time busy work of 1000 oak. DoNews is not supported by professional and technical strength has been dilapidated.

      3, Donews circle from small to large, and from the back, always just the few people in the small arena self opinionated, wine and dine already replaced the real effort, newcomers can never get a chance to succeed in donews.

      4, new applications are being launched, Liu Ren is on a whim, heat up 2 days of natural cooling slowly, may day after only to "gossip" based free.donews.com in order to keep some prosperity, ah, is really a cow cat bashing ".

      finally, in order to express great regret, to express deep regret to you unique blog format body of Liu Ren brothers! 1, 2, 3, 4……