said micro-blog, many users will face doubts, what? If Twitter, maybe you will see light suddenly "Oh, it is micro-blog". Micro-blog has been popular for some time abroad, and even President Obama is a fan of it. The day before, the domestic portal sina is invested heavily into the opening of its website, micro-blog. Some micro-blog sites are also coming.

industry sources, micro-blog will impact on the SNS, the current SNS users will become micro-blog’s supporters. This situation with two years ago, SNS site in the domestic market led a boom, similar impact on the blog.

SNS social networking site still not retreat, micro-blog this new thing will enter the eyes of Chinese netizens. It is understood that in recent years, China gradually emerged some micro-blog sites, but still belongs to the slow state. Until recently, the domestic well-known portal Sina hold high the banner of micro-blog, Li Kaifu also released his resignation after micro-blog’s mentality and dynamics, only in the young Internet users sparked a boom.

called micro-blog, that is, micro blog, is a way to allow users to update the short text (usually less than 200 words) and can be released in the form of blog. It allows anyone to read or can only be read by a user selected group. Micro-blog’s biggest feature is integration and openness, you can through your mobile phone, IM software (Gtalk, MSN, QQ, Skype) and external API interface and other ways to send messages to your micro blog.

it is understood that Twitter can quickly popular abroad, mainly because of its strong communications, but also allows users to take the initiative to understand the common interests of users. In foreign countries, is the tension between micro-blog and SNS.

China internet lab President Liu Xingliang in his blog wrote, "there is no doubt that micro-blog will be the Internet industry in the next two or three years to guide the innovation spot, will also be the trend of the tipping point", and pointed out that the seamless integration and mobile phone, is micro-blog’s revolutionary significance.

in fact, regardless of micro-blog and SNS social networking sites, as well as some of the qualifications of the blog who eventually won, in fact, are not important, users are more fancy, fun and sharing experience.

four project competition

a, spell timeliness

blog: * * *

SNS: assumes

: micro-blog assumes


micro-blog can bind with the phone, that is, there is no computer, no Internet, can release new information on their own micro-blog via SMS, in addition, but also bundled with MSN and QQ, while publishing information. Also, your friend announced on micro-blog, but also through mobile phone reception, the seamless link of mobile network and traditional network, especially in the domestic 3G after the start, so that part of the industry are optimistic about micro-blog’s prospects.