renamed China ( March 24th news, according to foreign media news, the registered amount of new top-level domain name ".XYZ" reached 838245, becoming the first registration of more than 800 thousand new top-level domain.


figure:.Xyz new top-level domain name

".Xyz" since open enrollment, by domain name investors favorite, only registered the first day of open enrollment reached 18000, a week has successfully reached the summit of new top-level domain registration list, strong momentum can not be ignored.

".Xyz" is the 26 letter of the last three English, more familiar to people, read catchy, relatively easy to remember, and the application range is wide, there is no trade restrictions.

According to data, the new generic top-level domain name registration volume has exceeded 4743279, including 5 new top-level domain registrations exceeded 100 thousand, respectively ".Xyz", "web site." and ".Club", ".Berlin", ".Wang".