these days have been concerned about the trend of the RMB, in fact. We are also the same, focusing on social and social issues and financial issues. Ha-ha。 RMB and US dollar exchange rate fell below 7 yuan mark. We may not have the webmaster. We are not doing Adsense GG advertising. Is not the same flow, earn little money. Ha-ha。

agree with me please tell us your thoughts and opinions. I wonder why is advertising in china. Why not use the RMB to solve the settlement, but also with the United States to pay. In fact, it should be localized. Now the renminbi has appreciated. Dollar swap is a bad number. We put the common heart star star published. Let’s make our website more valuable. Isn’t it?

in my opinion. A person is a kind of a bitter, very lonely work. It’s true。 Sometimes I really want to give up, but think of myself as a man, should have a commitment and responsibility. We are responsible for our dreams. Ha-ha。 Digress.

today, I am here with you, and have to do GG Adsense adsense. Hope that we can unite. Publish a joint to Give us personal Adsense a fair, valuable GG price. Because the appreciation of the renminbi. We have a small income. We need to ask to raise prices. Follow the market. We have the ability to survive. I would like to believe that every individual webmaster do GG advertising.

okay. I am according to the angle of the webmaster to write this article, perhaps not well written. I don’t go to school. But I’d like to see someone with authority. Together with the personal webmaster. To address and resolve such issues and issues to This is the wish of every individual webmaster. I hope every individual webmaster can have this consciousness. Unite. We can be strong. Ha-ha。 !