1 don’t spam

this is the key rule of network protocol. No matter when and where, to any person, a large number of unsolicited e-mail is intolerable. There are hundreds of guys trying to sell you the database and the software to send spam, but don’t trust them. Junk mail will bring you into the enemy rather than a friend, it will make your site by ISP ban, reduce your visitors.

your site submitted to the 500 search engines to spend money? Not cost-effective。 These money guys simply put your URL enter an automatic submission device. If you find a professional to submit your site, you can spend a few hundred dollars to get a careful and comprehensive service. Insist on getting all the documents that have been done, including all the emails sent by the search engine.

4 for search engine registration not sloppy

to search engine registration should pay attention to. For example, Yahoo is currently the most important and most difficult to enter the directory, information will be submitted to the real editorial review, so according to the letter of instructions to do, really trying to convince them that your site is a useful resource.

5 to re submit your site officially opened

before thoroughly test your site to determine, each part has been completed. Many visitors will not return to the URL after discovering a "build" mark.

7 do not play tricks

8 not in W>