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All the chips

as a new business form in this year has attracted the brightest electricity supplier concerned, continuous fermentation temperature, however, for some media practitioners Guo, in the congregation raised platform to buy things is not a pleasant experience, because he has been waiting for the square root of two months of the original iPhone magnetic charging line, do not know the entrepreneurial team leaked the secret or Huaqiang North business stronger, the same product early in Taobao bought a month, not only cheaper, but also free shipping.

coincidentally, when the mini thermal printer artikujt Internet practitioners get his platform to raise a public panic buying "in Arabic, to the 60 yuan gadget facial expressions and staring at the keyboard was revealed and not much difference.

"you look at this thing is not expensive, then buy is fresh fun. Now separated from such a long time to come over, the feeling is to dismantle the order that was a surprise."

this will already produced products and packaging, and raise the gimmick to sell products in almost every story of the congregation raised platform at the same time to raise the public stage, delivery time is too long, lack of supervision, to create a single platform brush false data are separated, "chaos Chinese" chips.

"China" crowdfunding chaos

"raised", as the name suggests is the "public financing", the concept of the rise in the United States in 2009, a Kickstarter raise public website in New York on the line, this website is committed to supporting and encouraging innovation, creativity, creative activities, through the network platform to raise small amounts of money to the public. Creative people are likely to get the funds needed to realize the dream.

however, this originated in the ocean, in the China business platform is "serious dream", seems as it seems so ideal, even said that some twisted out of shape.

congregation raised in addition to multiple levels and categories, the most simple, imitation high-end products. Of course, we can be more simple to classify this style as a cottage, a Android video game consoles SONY PS4 host shell, this level of plagiarism in the wholesale market and farmers market we often see.

second copy, for the creative, in view of the differences in the network environment at home and abroad, this copy also slightly differentiated. Brave, nature is from the side. A famous example of last year. PICOOC smart scales on a raised platform found other similar but the business process description idea that more named time scales.

of course, focusing on overseas is also a layer of plagiarism. There is a foreign website KickStarter to raise the public products in-depth creative transplantation is wholly intact, directly to the public to raise a sea Amoy, directly to foreign products ordered according to original buy back. For example, foreign popular projects Halo Back an inattentive version of the Chinese entrepreneurial team, you do not often pay attention to the public to raise the public really do not know which of the