China liquor magnate wholly owned subsidiary of Wuliangye group – Wuliangye Wine limited liability company and the largest cross platform blog communication network BOLAA network together, through the platform in the blog in wine lovers organized a large-scale new product wine experience theme activities. The use of new media on the Internet to promote its new wine products on a large scale, which is a traditional brand liquor companies use the Internet channel for an important marketing breakthrough. Activities within a few days after enrollment in experience activities exceeded more than 6 thousand people, in which Wuliangye Wine company ultimately selected 500 well-known blog wine from around the country who attended the event, the new products are sending countries dry red for city blog taste. Bloggers to experience new products, have been posted on his blog a taste of feeling and evaluation of Wuliangye cognac red, quickly in the blog sparked a circle about Wuliangye’s dry red city evaluation upsurge, received widespread attention in the industry. Wuliangye cognac company benefit through this activity, not only the quality of products recognized by everyone, the brand has been greatly improved, but also truly promote the sales of products, many participate in the activities of the blog that Wuliangye new products really taste good, after their own will also go to buy Wuliangye cognac red.


According to Wuliangye

Guoyi wine company official Wang Xiaojun introduction, this activity is an important attempt in Wuliangye city dry wine brands and transfer characteristics of products through the Internet, I hope that through the blog to experience the way to find a breakthrough to open network marketing. With the rapid development in the Chinese 2006 blog, some astute businessmen noticed huge marketing opportunities hidden in the blog, they no longer adhere to the traditional advertising longupheld, but began to put the new product information directly thrown into the middle accurate orientation of the end consumer, the consumer characteristics of blog is more audience positioning and wine products very well, so Wuliangye Guoyi wine company plans to cross platform using BOLAA network blog channel advantage of blog in wine lovers to organize a new product experience activities, that is part of the consumer actual tasting experience Wuliangye cognac red, by way of describing their personal blog and comments, or around the red wine culture to carry out a series of discussion, and further in the same property. In a wide range of communication, gradually attracts the wine lovers Who joined Wuliangye wine blog alliance in the circle, in order to promote the products and cultivate loyal customers effect.

, the founder of the concept of "experience economy" experience economy — work is theatre, business is "JamesGilmore" the author used the repertoire of experience as a unique economic offering will open the key to future economic growth". When it comes to the exploration of marketing, Wuliangye Guoyi wine company official said, "and BOLAA network cooperation is Wuliangye cognac brand in a new attempt of marketing. Blog about the experience, we hope that in the experience of Wuliangye cognac red.