some time ago wrote "a bird no money how to play download station", the moment was talked prompted by a sudden impulse, injured all over the body, ha ha ha, next time don’t scold me, I will feel shy

found a super fast increase the chain to take out today feel shy, need a friend to play (Master who don’t come, I was afraid you called


at the time of updating today, because the site has not been included in Baidu (a month, haven’t included, heartache ah), traffic has been around 150, always have no way up, although GG is now a collection of more than 4 thousand or less, flow ah, think before the station when he mentioned the network code remember, a lot of traffic that feeds to me, do not know much with this stuff friend, master must know, I just want to and I like the rookie friends to discuss, ha ha

is a impulse, plus four more code in the station (though many, but now network utility is too little, we try to find a few fast and stable point, then it) of their own a few pages, less than an hour, in the GG see I use Tianji summaries of profiles page of the collection, so fast, so I was thinking, can not use this multi collection page, if received by GG, it is not a lot of chain waiting for me? (in experiment)

You may also wish to try

, fanchon code online, you find there, not some visitors will be used, we have used it every day to collect a few pages, no matter what is said to be a few IP, remember once a page has been more than and 100 IP


if you are interested, you can discuss the next

my station is