return to the essence of martial arts, the heart day tens of thousands of precise traffic (down)

    many years ago, I thought it was a technique to promote drainage

years later, I think the promotion of drainage is a kind of thinking

everything has an essence, through the eyes to see the essence of the phenomenon, it will become very simple, promote drainage is also so.

why today’s headlines in "martial arts heart", is relative to the "martial arts moves", the equivalent of thinking skill moves, the equivalent of the heart. The heart by heart, moves can handy, we all know that Jin Yong’s "no" is the most powerful


so, today, I would like to share the first thought, then give a few examples to illustrate the details:

(precision) to promote the essence of drainage is to allow more (accurate) crowd to see your contact information, and for some purpose and contact you.

this is actually divided into two parts:

1, let more people see your contact information

2, for some purpose and you contact (or add your contact information)

said the first: how to let more people see your contact information (that is, increase exposure).

there is two kinds of situations: either force, or self reliant.

on the most representative is the site of the SEO, a web site to do a few key words. It can be said that this method takes a lot of time. But SEO has not stability, station in Baidu sea minutes may be heavy.

relatively by leveraging the way, borrow high weight platform, with WeChat group, QQ group, will be easier and easier.

(with high weight platform combined with SEO methods and techniques, the effect will be very amazing, this is the future will continue to share)

any of them, can be said to start a day and night.

say second: because a certain purpose and your contact (that is, add your friends, WeChat, public number, etc…….


in fact, that is, what they want, what bait can you provide, how do you copy the text.

clear the essence, combined with some of the most common skills, no matter what the promotion of drainage can shoudaoqinlai a


crap, directly illustrated with several examples:


traffic can be divided into two categories: Pan flow and accurate flow

flooding is relatively better access to.

cite two examples:

, remember to do Wangzhuan CPA a few years ago by 5>