"tracking" this word isn’t the work in just ways but in network marketing, in the field of an effective means of promotion. Why? Because by tracking competitors extrapolation included rankings we can quickly find out the most effective way to promote the enterprise and platform, and out of their adverse factors, and make timely and accurate ideas and direction adjustment.

once, because many people do not understand how to track the competitors included rankings due to extrapolation errors in the exploration of the road goes farther, finally into the doomed eternally dead end, lead to failure of marketing. Malls such as the battlefield, so the enemy can understand the competitors can not only clear competition in the direction of every act and every move, but also help to absorb the valuable experience of the other party, in order to find out the advantages and disadvantages of their own as soon as possible, learn from each other, make yourself invincible.

so, in the network marketing to track the competitors included in the rankings is very necessary, but also an important means of marketing. Now, the tracking competitors included more and more people pay attention to the extrapolation ranking, in order to provide a more convenient means to track to the majority of marketers, at Shanghai science and technology limited company in 2014 a comprehensive on-line cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system, complete one-stop solution setting from the implementation of the supervision and management of the whole process. At the same time through the cloud processing system of powerful automatic and multi dimensions of Internet data were collected, and then to the current situation, the news source for keywords competition situation and competition situation and effective platform of "comprehensive analysis of the current situation, formulate feasible marketing plan.