November 29, 2003, Baidu Post Bar formally launched. Many people did not expect, after 5 years of development, Baidu post bar may have become the largest number of visits to the interactive forum. According to Baidu data, the current user has on Baidu to create about 2000000 Post Bar, millions of users every day in the Post Bar post, the cumulative total number of Posts has reached nearly 3 billion. According to Alexa shows that the flow of the post bar has accounted for 19.6% of the total flow of Baidu, is ranked in the Baidu search after the top second business.

data show that Baidu post bar there is a considerable amount of resources to engage in the promotion of almost all will not let this piece of fat". But I believe that people have done post promotion, have encountered delete posts, closed account, the case of IP closure. In such a case, if Baidu officials do not take strict management measures, then it will certainly lead to the phenomenon of advertising advertising post bar. Whether for promotion or Baidu official, this is not everyone would like to see. Stick promotion can get the premise of the effect is: you can send the post. If you want to improve the survival rate of post, we must fully understand the Post Bar rules, and abide by the rules or, or clever to get around the rules for promotion. Then stick the rules and what are the things to do, to share my love to buy the network to post bar promotion, summed up the experience.

1 Post Title: some popular post bar title to have a prefix, the title to take this kind of stick on the prefix; novel, attractive, can be appropriate to bring some special symbols; pay attention to the length of the title.

2 post content: more relevant and true positive information, such as Li Yuchun, the contents of the negative information or say bad things about Li Yuchun, then you wait to be deleted. The contents appear less as far as possible links to your web site (every link does not exceed the total number of 5 as well), as with a promotion to post their own rich theme, rather than the entire station. No such posts can not live a few minutes.

3 post number: in the same post bar, hair theme posts (promotion posts) do not too much, 1-3 on the line, and that is waiting to be deleted. There are more time to sit on the sofa, with the web page links are the same.

4 top posts: Top promotion posts should not be too frequent, popular Post Bar Lord is very professional, from the top of the content not just one or two words (15 words or more as well). Also want to pay attention to skills, don’t let people see that very straightforward to get promotion.

5 crazy registered Ma3 jia3, recently Baidu Post Bar adjusted daily limit ID registration number, so every day to make a few get a few. Every registered 5 to 8 ID, each ID post not more than 10, can make dingtie return card after use, no topic posts.

6 for sealing ID and IP, it is the Lord’s authority is not so large, ID, it is the Lord’s authority is a letter for you at ID10 days; IP is a seal you might only have 24 hours. For >