may see this title, a lot of friends will be questioned in this article, StarCraft and Web Operations how confused? One is the microscopic meaning of the real time strategy game (RTS), is a macro concept of the Internet, no relevance, in fact, if the idea of StarCraft this has become a national recognition of competitive sports as the real war, rather than real-time strategy class (RTS) of the game. Then, comparability is very obvious, how was it? Please friends to get to know, in order to let friends can more intuitive understanding of the connotation, we simply will strategic operation of periodic occupation players StarCraft the game is divided into early, middle and late. And we should know that the operation of the site can be divided into early, medium and late.

A, early


on the operation and science and technology to investigation. The website operation focused on analysis and positioning, in StarCraft, macro, early operation is the key to leading the normal basic timing game.

first, you have to do the investigation trends timely, understand the development situation of the opponent, the analysis and Thinking on the opponent’s thinking, but also can not be the opponent of anti detection means to deceive, to see the essence of the ability through the phenomenon.

in the early stages of the StarCraft game, you need to do the following:

S-A1, the farmer went looking for rival.

S-A2, after the investigation to the opponent’s opponents to start the analysis, the use of their own restraint opponents start.

S-A3, due to the start of the exercise of restraint, to do their own anti reconnaissance and technology climbing.

S-A4, to ensure that no time to investigate, to always know what the opponent is doing.

so, early detection and start a key victory for StarCraft, and the operation of the early part of the site, first must be analyzed their advantages and disadvantages, to understand the industry opponent, and then to the accurate positioning, what I want to do what direction the direction I do in the target population?

to do the work includes:

W-A1, preliminary data research.

W-A2, feasibility analysis.

W-A3, planning website content framework.

W-A4, early user experience analysis.

the source of this information is obtained through your industry survey.


, it is not difficult to see that in the StarCraft S-A1 and the W-A1 website can be found, the purpose of the S-A1 is precisely the website operation before the survey, looking for information, is in line with the website operation W-A1 this article, "