many webmaster, well after the station has been a people appreciate their work, because there is no traffic, so today, tomorrow to QQ friends group, an address, let him look, then what tomorrow, direct viral promotion,

but there is no technical strength of the webmaster, (called rookie level webmaster) can only wait for the engine, today, tomorrow, and so on, is not to, or to the next door

webmaster, in fact, do not wait, to create their own traffic!

network is a fantasy world, but not true, everything now, all cannot do without him, the pace of the times, is closely tied to the development of the network, we every day, are in contact with the network, in the use of the network, our every step. In the use of the network, so that it can cross farther, go faster.

some time ago, not found on the network XuSanDuo has become the main topic of the " ", XuSanDuo?? WHO?


I don’t watch TV, so I don’t know him, but from all the time to talk about, I can understand a little bit, is a virtual image of the object is a publicity, is a symbol of the spirit! Is more representative of a force of


but, from his popularity, we can see the power of a network, a power beyond imagination, we can look at

to the original the legend of the Condor Heroes, I think everyone should be very familiar with it, why did not you come every day to talk about the characters, a joke, you were talking about, but I don’t know, but now it is different, because of the


now you write an article about XuSanDuo articles on the Internet, your article may be popular, many people talk about N to


if you imagine? If you made a " Xu Siduo " the article, you create your own environment, people in the network for him, such as you in Sina, Sohu, or NetEase, or a news online leave a little more time, then you can create a


Xu Siduo is hot, (of course, you have to be able to attract the public eye of the more unique content)

if I remember some time ago, people have created a myth like " " the specific name, what I did not pay much attention, there is someone looking for a photo of Taiwan MM, published a series of articles in a podcast (the content of the article don’t talk about, oh, skip)

ha ha, he would fire, to the turn to the load, a short period of time, estimated regular Internet and half of the people know this matter, then a check, fake

I’m not talking about anything else, I just want to say it