soft is one of the main parts of the website promotion. We see the existence of the soft in the mainstream media and blog, a lot of people ask, enterprise website, personal website or soft to write what? I sort out some of their topic content for your reference.

first, enterprise website. We can write business news, Market Research on corporate products, and some of the latest projects.

second, personal website. I think it is still relatively simple, there is no way to write, you write a lot of templates, how to exchange links, how to promote the site experience, etc.. Are good subjects.

so the advantages of soft is not only directly to the customer, more importantly, a good article, and even can change a lot of people’s buying habits and ways of thinking. Take the community as an example, many sellers will share their shop in experience, or dressed experience, first when you see these articles, in addition to the study, should also ask yourself: why do they want to spend a lot of time to write this article? When you see online business articles as a novice, the seller is not for you, these authors very worship, even if want to learn from? As a potential consumer experience, see the article dress, whether it will have the impulse to buy even consulting directly? Only by one or two articles, the author is in your mind and establish the image of authority in the industry.

will avoid soft paper to write advertising, advertising is specifically to buy advertising to do advertising, soft Wen main purpose is to spread knowledge of the industry, establish a professional image, communication product concept, there is a suitable number of soft, preferably not less than 600 words, more than 1500 words, because the soft, exquisite fast writing. Write too long time to spend too much, visitors can facilitate fast reading long articles are not easy to read a short period of time, many tips are not easy to understand and accept the consumer in a short time, and the length ratio is more suitable for other sites are reproduced and spread.

This article in the original, in Guangzhou Biao clothing company website as an example, the website promotion is the key.