recently, personal intelligence micro electric products Immotor announced that it has received 40 million yuan Pre-A round of financing by the GGV Ji Yuan capital, Yun Kai capital investment.

it is understood that Immotor was founded earlier this year, founder and CEO Huang Jiaxi founded ten years ago, Mophie, Mophie is one of the first mobile phone design smart power company. He believes that the future of urban transportation will not be able to sustain the growth of the population, therefore, personal travel will be a promising field.

is reported that in October of this year, Immotor released products in the United States, San Francisco – the first intelligent personal micro electric Immotor GO, Indiegogo is currently being raised, the product is expected to be listed in the second quarter of next year. At the same time, in order to do this personal transport, Immotor has developed a standardized, scalable, intelligent super battery, can provide green energy for all mobile transport products.

Huang Jiaxi said, Immotor GO will provide a new personal travel experience, the future Immotor will enter into several different vertical industries, including smart plate, electric bicycle, intelligent wheelchair, intelligent baby car etc..

GGV discipline source capital management partner Li Hongwei believes that the pursuit of perfection is the ultimate pursuit of a perfect product innovator, the team has the characteristics of both China and the United states. "He knows how to drive the team to combine the American product design and brand marketing capabilities with our China’s R & D and supply chain back-end capabilities."