network promotion, is the most important aspect of tracking network extrapolation, like farming, want not to simply put the seeds and seeds into the soil can be, but also need to be watered every day, regular fertilizing, weeding out more grass, lack of seedling feeding bumiao, so as to ensure fruit during the harvest season. Network promotion is the same, to push the information released after going tracking effect, convenient and timely insight into the promotion, find more favorable to what platform, so every specialist in the care of extrapolation tracking network extrapolation situation how to do.

but it looks simple job but stumped another batch of people, 10 Promotion Commissioner in 9 in the network for tracking how well the effect of extrapolation and worry, this was not what the technical content of living seems better than some professional process more difficult, not that time consuming, but also often do not say, confusion often leads to delays, resulting in a lot of management and promotion specialist all worry.

however, in fact, how to track the network to do a good job is a relatively simple way, is to use the software, the speed of the human brain and the computer after all, there is a big difference. Like the network marketing management system is currently used for a wide range of. It is understood that it is a practical tool for the extrapolation network officially launched by the Shanghai science and Technology Co., Ltd. in 2014 at the time, can monitor the network and generate the extrapolated data report. In addition, the network marketing analysis and management system can also be used to manage the extrapolated team, management of KPI, as well as the allocation of funds, very powerful.