in the current trend of the Internet, O2O is the most talked about in the industry is also a topic of fire. What is O2O, a more professional definition is the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the forefront of offline transactions. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale". The independent online store, the national certification authority industry trusted sites, online advertising network marketing, social media and other online interaction with customers four elements is also a lot of enterprises can be done, essentially O2O is a multi pronged approach to do the sales, if he is to start the main line and the line from two big under the direction of, also known as two pronged.

I am here to discuss with the multi pronged means that the line and the line from the two directions can be divided into a number of different ways, especially online modules; it has become a multi pronged. This model can be used not only in the field of electronic commerce many practitioners, but also can be applied to many other areas of the Internet, including games, books, animation, fiction film products, application software and other products sales. Due to an article should not be too long, too long readers do not want to read it, today I mainly from the electronic commerce and novel books these two examples to share their views.

many years ago began the development of electronic commerce, now is a very mature industry, many traditional enterprises have had their own electricity supplier sector, because electronic commerce for the expansion of the market is to reduce capital investment can also reduce staff support way. But I believe that now do electricity providers, especially SMEs do electricity providers can not copy the giants of the fixed system, because you certainly can not confront the giants. Is not to say that your company looking for outsourcing do an online mall you think everything is ready, you need to know where your traffic? You’re not going to drainage, to hit advertising to make you so much money? I think that small and medium-sized enterprises can do business together, not only to do their own the mall, also can open their industry information website and community, and with the help of other official blog platform to assist you in the mall, the auxiliary content we can expect and rely on them to achieve revenue, but one thing for sure, these things can be for your mall with a low cost for drainage high conversion value.

I usually like the development of a variety of things, and particularly sensitive to data. With the inspiration of my classmates, I think of the sale of books or novels or comic books. We all know that the traditional book selling books written after the process is basically: contact the publisher after negotiation after publication, finally in the bookstore shelves. But in today’s Internet era, although the paper books or comics can not be completely replaced in a short period of time, but the electronic reading has begun to coexist with traditional books and expand the ratio. This is the author’s understanding of the comic book