Jo Gilad is the world’s greatest salesman, from 1963 to 1977, he sold a total of 13001 cars, with an average of 6 vehicles per day, creating the world record for the Guinness. The sale is figured out, mail promotion personnel from Jo Gilad who can learn what? The use of small series of painstaking research U-Mail email platform, and to everyone to share.

Jo Gilad maintained a lifelong habit: whenever and wherever possible to potential customers by name card, he carefully design their own name card, trying to novel heart. In sales, the first impression is very important, if you visit customers, so dress, speech, behavior will highlight your taste and the strength of the company, to do the promotion but mailing tools, after all, not in front of customers, so customers know about you is by mail. Mail theme, style, content is attractive? Whether it is beneficial to each other to read? Whether there is a combination of industry characteristics and advantages of your company, together with fashion elements? These are very important means to impress clients. So the mail promotion personnel should pay attention to build their own " business card ":

1 stick to simple and lively style

note that your bulk mail reading object is the people business kongzong, they each email browsing time just tens of seconds, so avoid empty, trivial, flashy without substance verbose, e-mail template design, try to enlarge the message header, simplified mail content and to direct link to your website or target page.

in the U-Mail mass mailing tool, enter the interface as shown below, in accordance with the prompts to operate.

2 level preview panel is very important

Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo and other international hot mail service providers, most of them are users to view mail along the horizontal. According to the survey found the British mass company, the average size of the level of preview panel is 638*86 pixels, it tells us that in the use of mass mailing tools, mail template width design should not exceed 638 pixels, and the most valuable information and you will let customers remember the contents on the front 100 pixel range.

3 picture and link location should be fixed

in the HTML encoding, the need to specify the width and height of the picture. Otherwise, your layout will be a mess, the picture must have prompt text and Title tags. At the same time, for the use of the link, please use the absolute path, rather than the relative path, in the HTML mail template, the full link address to help customers to mass mail reading.

4 in the bulk of the e-mail as much as possible with the picture

the picture looks magnificent, but if you need to express the content without substantial help.